Beyond the books: Why I started blogging


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted at Kissin’BlueKaren. Beyond the Books is a weekly meme of mostly non-bookish topics. Share the link to your blog post at her site and we all have fun learning about each other. For more information and future topics.

I’m participating in the Beyond the Books meme when I can think of answers to the questions! I like finding out more about other bloggers. It’s fun to share a few non-bookish things about ourselves. This week the topic is why we started blogging.

I’m talking about why I started blogging and how that has changed through the three years I’ve blogged.

Why I started blogging three years ago

When I began blogging my main reason was to keep track of the books I read and to review them so I would remember them six months later! I had kept track of the books I read for a number of years on a spreadsheet, but often a few months later I couldn’t remember what a book was about. I figured reviewing the books would help me remember the books and I could always look up my review…lol.

After a few months

I found that reviewing a book makes me more discerning and aware of the things I like and dislike about a book. I still tend only to read the books I like so I give most of the books I read at least a B rating, but now I have reasons for my rating and share my thoughts–good and bad–about a book.

I started out on Google’s Blogger and discovered another reason to have a blog: I love technology and learning new things about it. I took an online class to learn about and then moved my blog to WordPress. I loved, but soon decided to take another online class to learn to use and create my own self-hosted blog. I’ve learned a lot though there’s a lot I don’t know and I’m sometimes frustrated trying to do something new with my blog!

And now

When I started out I told myself I didn’t care if no one ever read my blog, but I quickly learned that was a lie…lol. I really enjoy connecting with other bloggers. I enjoy reading their comments and visiting their blogs to see what they have written.

I’ve found so many blogs I enjoy reading and so many good books from reading other people’s blogs and seeing what they read. It’s really nice to connect with a blogger who reads some of the same books I like to read and who can recommend a new author or book to me. Not many of my friends or family in real-life like to read (which is pretty sad) or if they do read they don’t read the same type of books I read. It is such a pleasure to read other people’s reviews and posts for the kinds of books I like. And sometimes I find a book I wouldn’t have thought of reading before I started my blog if it weren’t for another blogging friend’s suggestion. I love that!

What about you? Why did you start to blog?