Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Christmas and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other holidays at this time of the year.

I’ve always loved Christmas and my kids and husband do, too! We’re having Christmas in Indiana with one of our daughters. She has such cute ornaments on her tree. Our Illinois daughter and Seattle son arrived on Christmas Eve. During Christmas Eve day we went to see A Christmas Carol done by the Indiana Repertory Theater. We’re also playing various card games and putting together jigsaw puzzles in between the eating!

I was looking at old Christmas pictures and found this Christmas card my husband’s family sent when he was a child:

I think it’s such a cute card and was obviously before everyone sent photos!

I found this photo of my brother and me from when I was about five years old. I know my brother got a chemistry set that year, but I don’t know exactly what gifts I received except for the Velvet Eyes book I see in the photo. Apparently Velvet Eyes was a story about “Santa’s little helper.” But I don’t remember it at all!

Do you celebrate Christmas or some other holiday like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa? Or do you just enjoy having some days off?