My reading challenges


I really enjoy reading challenges. I love a challenge I have to work to complete. They also help me try new authors I might not read otherwise, listen to more audiobooks, read more of my TBR pile. I don’t change the types of books I read so much as try to see if I can find more that might help me complete a challenge.

I’m signing up for five challenges I’ve done before and two new challenges. Last year I signed up eight challenges. This year I have one less challenge, but I may decide to sign up for one or two more next week!

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My Reading Challenges–2016

I am planning to participate in the following year-long reading challenges in 2016 (each challenge is linked to the page on my blog where I will list the books I read and where you can find more information about the challenge):

Audiobook Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to listen to 20 – 30 audiobooks

Cloak and Dagger Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to read 31+ mysteries

Goodreads Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to read 100 books

New Author Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to read at least 30 new authors

New Release Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to read 31 to 45 new releases

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Bingo

  • I’m challenging myself to complete at least one bingo or fill in 10 random squares.

TBR Pile Challenge

  • I’m challenging myself to read 31 – 40 TBR books

Are you planning to do any reading challenges this year?


2016 TBR Pile Reading Challenge


For the third year in a row I ‘m participating in the TBR Pile Reading Challenge hosted by Bookish Lifesyle. This is Bookish Lifestyle’s 5th Annual TBR Pile Reading Challenge!

I’m a bit behind with my Reading Challenge posts this year since this is my first sign-up post. I plan to post all my 2016 reading challenge posts by the end of the week with a post listing all my reading challenges.

My Goal

In 2015 I challenged myself to read 31-40 TBR books. I completed the challenged by reading 36 books from my TBR books. I’m going to challenge myself to the same number of books this year–31-40 Sweet Summer Fling.

The rest of the challenge

I don’t think I will have time to participate in the TBR Pile Book Club. I will try to post a wrap-up post every other month, but I didn’t manage to do that in 2015 so I may have trouble with that again. Since I participate in quite a few challenges it’s hard to remember all the different interim posts. I do a pretty good job of keeping track of all my challenges by creating a separate page on my blog for each of them. I update each page each time I review a book that matches that challenge.


What challenges are you participating in this year?