Autumn colored book covers

Red, orange and yellow leaves, bright blue skies, spooky fog and black and orange

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Sometimes I don’t pay enough attention to book covers especially since most of the books I read are either ebooks or audiobooks so this week I thought I would look at books I’ve read so far this year and look for ones that remind me of autumn colors.

When I think of autumn I think of blue skies, autumn leaves in reds, yellows and oranges and spooky Halloween with foggy gray skies and orange and black. Here are five covers that make me think of autumn. (Even though I don’t remember what season the books took place!)

I have to admit before I did this I hadn’t really thought of colors and seasons unless the book cover specifically showed a summer or winter scene or maybe took place during Halloween! It was fun looking at book covers in a different way.

Do you ever look at the colors on book covers and think of a specific season even if the book doesn’t take place during that season?

Autumn book covers

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This week I’m showing books with Autumn covers and colors and even a few that take place during Autumn!

For me the colors of the covers are what says “Autumn”  . . . the oranges and browns. Of course, trees with colored leaves, pumpkins, golden grasses all help me think of Autumn–one of my favorite times of the year.

The Watership Down cover above is the cover I think of (and love) when I think of Watership Down, but there are other Watership Down covers and I don’t think of Autumn at all when I see them. The cover on the left makes me think of spring–and it doesn’t make me think Watership Down–even though it’s a nice cover.

What about you? Are there book covers that make you think of Autumn–and maybe the book doesn’t even take place in Autumn?!!