Can’t Wait Wednesday: Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott

Happy 2020! I have a new science fiction series today. A good way to start my new book year!

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings. This is a weekly meme to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. The books I choose aren’t released yet and usually won’t be published for at least two or three months. So I have a while to wait!

I love finding out about books set to publish in future months and I like to share my excitement about the books. I also like to find out about new books on other people’s blogs and hope they’ll sometimes find something to look forward to on my blog.

I’m excited to read . . .

Unconquerable Sun

by Kate Elliott

Series: The Sun Chronicles #1

Published by Tor Books

Publication Date: July 7

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Retelling

Synopsis: Princess Sun has finally come of age.

Growing up in the shadow of her mother, Eirene, has been no easy task. The legendary queen-marshal did what everyone thought impossible: expel the invaders and build Chaonia into a magnificent republic, one to be respected—and feared.

But the cutthroat ambassador corps and conniving noble houses have never ceased to scheme—and they have plans that need Sun to be removed as heir, or better yet, dead.

To survive, the princess must rely on her wits and companions: her biggest rival, her secret lover, and a dangerous prisoner of war.

Take the brilliance and cunning courage of Princess Leia—add in a dazzling futuristic setting where pop culture and propaganda are one and the same—and hold on tight:

This is the space opera you’ve been waiting for.


I’ve read several books by Kate Elliott and this sounds like a good new science fiction space opera series which I’m always excited to find. And I like finding a new science fiction series on New Year’s Day 2020!

I need to read more than one book from these authors . . .

toptentuesday2Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme which I take part in occasionally. It’s a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. Every week a new topic is presented. It’s not only fun to think about my list, but to read what other people come up with!


I’ve only read one book from these authors, but I really need to read more of their books (in no particular order & links are to Goodreads):

1. Kate Elliott–I read Cold Magic and loved it. Ms. Elliott has written quite a few books and I own at least one more by her.

2. Susanna Kearsley–I listened to The Winter Sea. One of my favorite books in 2014 and I know I own three or four more of hers.

3. James S. A. Corey–I liked Leviathan Wakes and would really like to read the second book–Caliban’s War.

4. Martha WellsThe Cloud Roads is one my favorite books in 2014 and I’m eager to read the second book in this series.

5. Django Wexler–I own at least one other book by Mr. Wexler besides John Golden: Freelance Debugger.

6. Marko KloosTerms of Enlistment is a favorite book of 2013 and the second book was published in early 2014.

7. Brandon Sanderson–I listened to The Emperor’s Soul and many other bloggers have recommended Elantris to me.

8. Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald–I really like The Price of the Stars, a science fiction space opera book. There’s a second book in the series.

9. Deborah Harkness–I read A Discovery of Witches at the end of 2013 and love it. The whole trilogy is already published.

10. Julie Cross–Another book I love–Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross. I’d really like to read more of her books.

Do you have any of those one-book authors from whom you need to read more books?

My favorite books so far this year…

toptentuesday2I haven’t participated in a Top Ten Tuesday meme for quite a while. Several weeks I’ve meant to, but things have always come up! Anyway, this topic–Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far This Year–is one I’ve been thinking about because I’ve read a lot of good books already! The Broke and the Bookish blog hosts Top Ten Tuesday.

In no particular order…

Caszandra by Andrea K. Host (science fiction/fantasy, Grade: A)–this was the first book I read this year and is the last book in the Touchstone series. I like this series very much.

Pivot Point by Kasie West (young adult fantasy, Grade: B+)–this isn’t a perfect book (what is?!!), but it has stuck with me because of the premise of the book. The main character is able to look at two different futures to see which she wants to choose. I always wonder about the choices we make in our lives and what that does to change us.

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear (audiobook, historical mystery–WWWI flashbacks and 1920’s; Grade: A-)–a very powerful and emotional read for me because of the flashbacks to WWWI. The narration is excellent in this book.

Cold Magic by Kate Elliott (fantasy, Grade: A-)–This is a very good fantasy. Cat is such a strong character and the story is so good.

Letters to Nowhere by Julie Cross (young adult contemporary, Grade: A-)–This book has stuck with me since I read it. How Karen learns to cope with the death of her parents is very powerful. Reading about the world of elite gymnastics is also fascinating.

Redshirts by John Scalzi (science fiction/space opera, Grade: B+)–A very funny and fun science fiction, but also made me think about what reality is. This is one of the reasons I like science fiction. I like the ideas and questions science fiction often presents.

The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley (audiobook, historical/contemporary/fantasy, Grade: A)–Such a wonderful book. The language is lush, the story is poignant, the Scotland setting is wonderful and the narration–especially the Scots accent–is just excellent!

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs (urban fantasy, Grade: B+)–I continue to love this series!

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor –Not Yet Reviewed (audiobook, fantasy, Grade: B+)–The narration is wonderful and Karou is a great character.

Earth Girl by Janet Edwards–Not Yet Reviewed (YA science fiction, Grade: B+)–I just finished this book and I loved it. The main character is so much fun and so honest (even when she’s lying!) Plus the far future setting is fascinating.

Honorable Mention

Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop–I love Meg Corbyn and the Others.

In for a Penny by Rose Lerner–This was a re-read for me and I loved it the second time around, too. The characters are what make this book memorable.

Generation V by M. L. Brennan–I love this new series. I just wish there was more about the kitsune,

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch–This series gets better and better.


What books are your favorites so far this year?