Admiral by Sean Danker

admiral-sean-dankerAdmiral by Sean Danker
Series: Evagardian #1
Genre: Science Fiction (military sci fi)
Setting: A small inhospitable planet
Published by Roc, 2016
Format: e-Arc (Release Date: May 3)
–I received a review copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. The opinions stated here are entirely my own.
320 pages
Grade: B-
Synopsis: “I was on a dead ship on an unknown planet with three trainees freshly graduated into the Imperial Service. I tried to look on the bright side.”

He is the last to wake. The label on his sleeper pad identifies him as an admiral of the Evagardian Empire—a surprise as much to him as to the three recent recruits now under his command. He wears no uniform, and he is ignorant of military protocol, but the ship’s records confirm he is their superior officer.

Whether he is an Evagardian admiral or a spy will be of little consequence if the crew members all end up dead. They are marooned on a strange world, their ship’s systems are failing one by one—and they are not alone.

Initial impressions

  • A good start for a new military science fiction series. Lots of action, creepiness and mystery as the story unfolds.

The story

  • Four people wake up on a ship on a strange planet. Three of the people are just graduated into the Imperial Service. The fourth person–the narrator of the story–is the last to wake and is in a sleeper unit identifying him as an admiral.
  • He seems much too young to be an admiral and the trainees are suspicious. He’s surprised himself. He doesn’t seem to remember who he is, but he’s surprised he’s an admiral.
  • There are lots of questions. And they need to work together to find the answers, but they’re suspicious of each other.
  • They discover the crew is dead, but they’re not really sure how they died.
  • Then they discover they might not be alone on this planet.


  • Lots of questions and mystery. Where are they? Why are they there? Who is the main character? How did the crew on the ship die?
  • The story is absorbing and full of action.
  • The story is told in first person, but we still don’t know whether to believe the main character.
  • We’re given hints about the world we’re plopped into and for the most part that’s fine. We learn more as we go along.
  • I liked the creepiness of the story as it slowly dawns on the four people that they aren’t alone on this planet.
  • The ship and planet they are on are very strange and even stranger as the story continues.
  • We find out a little about the Evagardian Empire and I’m looking forward to finding out more about it!


  • The ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I guess that’s okay for the first book in a series.
  • Even though we get the narrator’s first person point-of-view he’s not a reliable character. We don’t know who he is even after it seems he remembers.

And concluding thoughts . . .

  • I want to read the next book. I want to see if some of my questions are answered!

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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