Review: Stained Glass Monsters by Andrea K. Höst

stained-glass-monsterStained Glass Monsters
by Andrea K. Höst
Series: Eferum #1
Genre: Fantasy
Published by Andrea K. Höst, 2011
E-book, purchased
245 pages
Grade: B
Synopsis: When a motionless woman dressed in white appears in the village of Falk, Kendall Stockton has no inkling that the strange apparition will soon leave her homeless, and tangled in the affairs of mages and monsters. For the white figure is the first sign of a spell which will shatter cities, and make the caster as powerful as the gods.

Saved by a stranger who claims her goal is to stop the woman, Kendall is torn between admiring the mage Rennyn Claire’s strength, and doubting her methods. What is Rennyn willing to do to win? Do the best of intentions justify pragmatic sacrifice, or is Rennyn Claire no better than the monster she is trying to stop?

“It seems the adage about no good deed going unpunished is a true one,” the woman said when they were in earshot. The quizzical look she added sent a sudden rush of heat over Kendall’s face and throat.


“My Gran used to tell me that the ends don’t justify the means. What’s the difference between you and the Black Queen if you’re both willing to kill people to get your way.”

“Probably none, to any people I have to kill….”


  • An adventure story; a page turner. I read it very quickly.
  • I love the way Ms. Höst writes her stories.
  • From the beginning we don’t know exactly what is going on and who is doing what. I wasn’t sure about the motives of  the various characters.
  • The story slowly unfolds as we discover what is happening. So even though this is an adventure story and lots happens quickly it also moves slowly as we discover who, what and some of why.
  • The magic in this world all comes from the Eferum which I’m not sure I really understand.
  • The characters are likeable and I enjoyed reading about them.
  • We don’t know everyone’s agenda during the book–especially Rennyn’s.
  • The book is mostly told from Kendall’s and Rennyn’s POVs.
  • Kendall is a fun character to read about–a skeptic, outspoken, unafraid, always questioning everything.
  • There is some romance in the book though it’s quite muted (which didn’t bother me).


  • I’m not really sure I understand the Eferum–from which all the magic comes into the world. I have to admit that doesn’t bother me too much. I don’t have to understand everything about the world building in a fantasy or science fiction. I’m willing to follow things where they take me!

And a few thoughts . . .

  • A second book in this series is tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2015.
  • The Touchstone Trilogy is still my favorite set of books by Ms. Höst, but I’ve liked every book I’ve read by her so far.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

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