Two Urban Fantasy Series from 2012

I ended 2012 and started 2013 reading lots of urban fantasy. I like urban fantasy because they are usually mysteries with a twist…some sort of magical world or elements. The authors have to do some world building as well as usually some sort of mystery. Two of my favorite new-to-me authors from 2012 were Ben Aaronovitch and Cassie Alexander. They both are writing an urban fantasy series that’s interesting and fun to read.

Ben Aaronovitch is writing a series which takes place in London called the Rivers of London series. The three books in the series so far: Midnight Riot (called Rivers of London in the UK), Moon Over Soho and Whispers Under Ground starts with Probationary Constable Peter Grant in Midnight Riot having to guard a crime scene all night. He sees a ghost who talks to him about the crime. His life changes from that point and gets a lot more exciting. I think each book builds on the last one and should be read in order to enjoy them all. I am saving Whispers Under Ground for sometime I’m in a reading slump and need a book I know I will like or for when I know I will be able to get his next book! I broke an informal rule when I bought these books–not to spend the same amount for an e-book as for a mass market book. I’m not sorry I did, because I really like this author, but I sure wish the books were at least a dollar or two less than the paperbacks. A new book is scheduled for sometime in 2013. I hope it is published at the same time in the US as in the UK! BTW, I also enjoy reading his blog–Temporarily Significant!

A second series I read in 2012 by an author I’d never read before are the books by Cassie Alexander. Ms. Alexander is a registered nurse and her books are about Edie Spencer who is also a registered nurse, but Edie works in a secret wing of County Hospital. I’m not a nurse or any kind of medical person, but the hospital rang true to me. I’ve been in several hospitals for surgeries¬† and I could recognize several things from my stays in the hospitals–but luckily for me, not the fantasy creatures! The two books published so far in the series are Nightshifted and Moonshifted. The third book–Shapeshifted–will be published in June 2013. I’ve read both books in the series so far and enjoyed them. I was able to buy the first book in the series when it was on sale and then bit the bullet and bought the second book at full price! So, authors and publishers take note: sales on e-books do work!

Has anyone else read books in these two series or other new authors they enjoyed?

New Beginnings…Again

I have tried blogging in the past and not been too successful. I’ve even had a book review blog before. My problem was I felt guilty when I didn’t get a book reviewed, but I also started resenting the time I spent working on a review instead of reading. And I didn’t feel I added anything to my reviews that hadn’t been said a hundred times before.

This time I plan to write mini reviews of some of the books I read. Generally, if I read a book I enjoy it. Life is too short to read or finish reading a book I don’t like. I don’t love every book and sometimes I’m disappointed with a book, but usually I enjoy the books I read. I do appreciate reviewers who take the time and energy to review all the books they read even the awful ones, but I know that’s not my path.

I read genre books–mostly fantasy, science fiction, mysteries and romance. I love to find new authors and that is what convinced me to tackle a blog again. This year I’ve started reading a number of new-to-me authors and I want to share these authors and books with someone! Since very few people I know personally enjoy the same books I read I will share my thoughts about my reading here. I will see how it goes and whether anyone reads this blog or not this will help me keep track and remember the books I’m reading!