Review Writing Challenge

I was very happy when I found this challenge since I like challenges and I want to increase the number of reviews I write and post on my blog.

Last year I wrote and posted 43 reviews on my blog. I have about 15 more almost ready to upload and will do that the first part of 2019. This year I want to get more reviews written and posted so I’m going to challenge myself.

My Goals

  • Write reviews first on Goodreads after I’ve finished the book
  • Write and publish at least 70 reviews on my blog
  • Keep track of the reviews I’ve written on the Goodreads challenge page on my blog

Reviews Written — 

  1. Lost Lake by Emily Littlejohn
  2. Mercy Falls by William Kent Kreuger
  3. Zero G by Dan Wells
  4. Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts by Lucy Dillon
  5. Soldier Dogs by Robin Brande
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