52 Books in 52 Weeks Reading Challenge

This challenge is hosted by Liz @ Mommy Mannegren blog

Challenge Rules

The goals for this challenge are simple: stretch yourself out of your regular reading habits, read more, and have fun with it! While there are no “rules” to this challenge, here are a few helpful notes to keep in mind as you get started:

1. Don’t stress about whether or not you get through all 52 categories.

2. Venture out of your usual section of the library/bookstore.

3. Interpret the categories in whatever way you like.

4. Read books you like!

5. The Facebook group is the perfect place to meet fellow readers.


Category Book Chosen Date 
1. Book published in 2019  



2. Author you’ve never heard of  

Mud, Muck and Dead Things by Ann Granger


 January 2019
3. A book you’ve read before  



4. Book with a strong female lead  

Fractured Truth by Susan Furlong


5. A play  



6. A book set in Southern USA  



7. A memoir on someone you admire  



8. Set in the Victorian Era  



9. Character with career you wish you had  



10. A plant on the cover  



11. Published the year you graduated school  



12. A graphic novel  



13. Featuring music  



14. An ugly cover  







Category Book Chosen Date
15. A teen as the main character  

Doggigrl by Robin Brande


16. The re-telling of a well-known story  



17. Set during a holiday  



18. Book picked out by someone else  



19. Gothic Fiction novel  



20. A book about time-travel  



21. A title starting with the letter “J”  



22. Fantasy novel  



23. True crime novel  



24. A self-published book  



25. The name of a color in the title  

Copper River by William Kent Kreuger


26. A one word title  



27. A book that makes you mad  



28. A book that discusses mental health  



29. A book published by HarperCollins  




Category Book Chosen Date
30. An author who uses initials  



31. A book that everyone’s talking about  



32. A western  



33. A book about a cult  



34. Nominated for (but didn’t win) the 2018 Goodreads choice awards  



35. A sports related book  



36. A humorous novel  



37. Set in South America  



38. An allegorical book  



39. Military Related: fiction or non-fiction  

Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage


February 2019
40. A character that is an immigrant  



41. A book suggested by someone else in the challenge  



42. A family member’s favourite book  



43. A children’s book  

Zero G by Dan Wells


Reviewed 9 Feb 2019
44. An author who uses a pseudonym  







Category Book Chosen Date
45. A “beach read”  



46. The first book you see in a bookstore / library  



47. Set in a country you’ve visited  



48. Set in a post-apocalyptic world  



49. A speed read  



50. A fairy tale  



51. A book about organized crime / the mob  



52. An audiobook  

Mercy Falls by William Kent Kreuger


26 Jan








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