Sunday Post–March 31

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Last Week

Around my house
We had a little snow on Monday (second consecutive Monday!), but the daffodils two of my sisters-in-law helped me plant last fall are finally coming up! I love daffodils and the deer leave them alone. Next week we may finally get some warmer weather. Our oldest daughter (who lives in North Carolina right now) came for a visit this weekend. It’s so good to see her!

Posts on my blog
Top Ten Tuesday–Books I Recommend to Friends

Review: The Girl With the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir

Books read
Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

The Girl With the Cat Tattoo by Theresa Weir (reviewed…see link above)

Find Me When the Sun Goes Down by Lisa Olsen (review pending)

News around the web
Amazon is buying Goodreads. Dear Author posted news about this on Friday in their Friday News. Jane has a good analysis which I found interesting. I am not on Goodreads right now and haven’t used it too much, but have been thinking of setting up an account. I don’t know how this will change Goodreads, but I imagine a lot of users of Goodreads won’t be happy.

Full disclosure here: I buy most of my ebooks at Amazon and read them on my Kindle or Kindle Fire. I buy lots of other things at Amazon, too, and am an Amazon Prime member. In short, I like Amazon a lot.

New Book Covers I noticed for the first time! These may have been revealed awhile ago, because I don’t always pay attention to covers!

Heart of Iron by Bec McMaster. This is the second book in the London Steampunk series. It is out in May. I read the first book Kiss of Steel in January and hope to review it soon.

Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch. Book 4 of The Rivers of London series. This is the British cover. I like how it uses the back cover of the book. So far I don’t see this book scheduled for publication in the U.S.:(

I like the covers in this series. The first two in the U.S. were different from the British covers, but we finally got the same cover as the British in Book 3, so I hope we get this cover, too. I also hope we get a publication date soon!

Books (actually ebooks!) bought
These were all ebooks on sale or self-published and under $4.00 (at least at Amazon). These are all new authors to me and I don’t know a great deal about them except the blurbs that I read. That made them interesting enough to me to buy them.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

Monster in My Closet (Monster Haven story) by R. L. Naquin

The Scrapyard Incident (Scrapyard Dogs) by Phillip Nolte

Next Week

What’s going on in my life
We are driving to Iowa to visit my father-in-law. Our younger daughter who lives in Wisconsin is going to come visit so we will see her, too. We plan to see friends on the way back and a sister-in-law in Chicago. I will have to see how much I get done on the blog.

Blog posts planned
–Books in April

–Book Review

Sunday Post Meme

I found the Sunday Post Meme hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer and decided to participate. This sounds like a fun activity for a Sunday…kind of like reading the Sunday paper. 

News I found from around the Internet:

The Science Fiction/Fantasy Daily Deal today:

I read this book in January and wrote about it on my blog. God Save the Queen by Kate Locke is really good and today it’s only $1.99. If you use a Kindle and like fantasy buy it today!!


A few things about favorite authors:

From the Ilona Andrews blog:

Andrews/Gordon Ink Two

The husband-and-wife writing team of Ilona Andrews and Andrew Gordon have signed two deals, with different houses. Agent Nancy Yost, at Nancy Yost Literary, handled both agreements. In the first, Yost signed the pair up to continue their Kate Daniels at Ace Books series for mid six figures, with Anne Sowards acquiring world English rights. In the second deal, also for mid six figures, Yost sold world rights for the first three books in a new series to Erika Tsang at Avon. Yost said the Avon series will be set in a world controlled by “modern Medici-like dynasties with paranormally enhanced abilities.”

The new series sounds good and I’m so glad they will continue the Kate Daniels books, too.  I enjoy their books and stories so much! Congratulations to both of them. A new Kate Daniels book is set to come out at the end of July.

When I was looking at Sharon Lee’s blog for a blog post I wrote on Friday I discovered there are going to be more books in this series! I loved this book and wanted more after I read it, but at that time when I visited Sharon Lee’s Carousel Tides blog she didn’t mention more books. However, now the second book Carousel Sun was turned in to the publisher in February 2013 and Sharon Lee is working on the third and last book in the series.

I loved Archer’s Beach and could relate to it since I’ve spent some time at the Maine coast. My husband’s sister and brother-in-law live in Waterville, Maine (fairly close to where Sharon Lee and her husband Steve Miller live, I think). I read the Liad Universe books Sharon Lee and Steve Miller write together and love those, too.

I visited  Sharon Shinn’s website and discovered there will be a sequel to Troubled Waters. I like her books so much. You can also find t-shirts showing blessings from Troubled Waters. Such a good writer and I’m always on the lookout for more of her books.

On my blog this week I hope to write at least two posts:

  • Top Ten Tuesday post (sponsored by the Broke and the Bookish blog ) about the top ten books I recommend the most.
  • A book review of a new author I’ve read.

What are you up to this week…on your blog or in real life?!?