Aaron, Rachel

Dragon of a Different Color, A

Nice Dragons Finish Last

No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished

One Good Dragon Deserves Another

Aaronovitch, Ben

Broken Homes

Foxglove Summer

Furthest Station, The

A Rare Book of Cunning Device

Rivers of London: Body Work

Whispers Under Ground

Abercrombie, Joe

Half a King

Adina, Shelley

Lady of Devices

Alexander, Cassie




Andrews, Ilona

Burn for Me

Clean Sweep

Gunmetal Magic

Magic Breaks

Magic Gifts

Magic Rises

Magic Shifts

Magic Slays

–“Magic Stars

One Fell Sweep

Sweep in Peace

Arden, Katherine

The Bear and the Nightingale

Armstrong, Kelley


Arthur, Keri


Asaro, Catherine


Asimov, Isaac

I, Robot

 Atwood, Margaret

The Handmaid’s Tale

Audley, Anselm

A Matter of Loyalty


Bach, Rachel

Fortune’s Pawn

Honor’s Knight

Heaven’s Queen

Baker, Shannon

Bitter Rain

Stripped Bare

Ball, Donna

Gun Shy

Balogh, Mary

Christmas Gifts

  • “The Best Christmas Ever”
  • “The Porcelain Madonna”
  • “The Surprise Party”)

Christmas Miracles

  • “The Wassail Bowl”
  • “The Bond Street Carolers”
  • “Guarded by Angels”

A Counterfeit Betrothal

Only Enchanting

–“Playing House

Arrangement, The

Escape, The

Only a Promise

Proposal, The

Bardugo, Leigh

Shadow and Bone

Barnes, Emily

The Fine Art of Murder

Bear, Elizabeth

Karen Memory

Beaton, M.C.

The Quiche of Death

Beverley, Jo

–“A Gift of Lights”

–“Miss Finch and the Angel

Bishop, Anne

Etched in Bone

Lake Silence

Marked in Flesh

Murder of Crows

Vision in Silver

Written in Red: A Novel of the Others

Black, Holly

Coldest Girl in Coldtown, The

Bornikova, Phillipa

This Case is Gonna Kill Me

Bouchard, Jackie

What the Dog Ate

Bourne, Joanna

–“My True Love Hath My Heart

Bowen, Rhys

Evan Help Us

Royal Flush

Royal Blood

Boyce, Trudy Nan

Out of the Blues

Brennan, M. L.

Dark Ascension

Generation V

Iron Night

Tainted Blood

Briggs, Patricia

Dead Heat

Fair Game

Fire Touched

Frost Burned

Night Broken

Shifting Shadows

Britain, Kristen

Green Rider

Brown, Duffy

Geared for the Grave

Brown, Pierce

Red Rising

Brust, Steven


Butcher, Jim

Aeronaut’s Windlass, The

Blood Rites

Dead Beat

Death Masks

Fool Moon

Proven Guilty

Small Favor

Storm Front

Summer Knight

Turn Coat

White Night


Carlson, Melody

The Christmas Joy Ride

Carson, Rae

Crown of Embers, The

Girl of Fire and Thorns, The

Challinor, C.S.

Christmas is Murder

Chambers, Becky

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet

Charish, Kristi

Owl and the Japanese Circus, The

Chase, Nicole

Suddenly Royal

Cheney, J. Kathleen

Dreaming Death

Golden City, The

Chima, Cinda Willaims

The Demon King

Cho, Zen

Sorcerer to the Crown

Cleeves, Ann

Raven Black

White Nights

Cline, Ernest


Ready Player One

Cogman, Genevieve

The Invisible Library

Corey, James S. A.

Leviathan Wakes

Cornick, Nicola

–“A Season for Marriage

Coyle, Cleo

On What Grounds

Crombie, Deborah

A Finer End

A Share in Death

All Shall Be Well

And Justice There Is None

Dreaming of the Bones

In a Dark House

Kissed a Sad Goodbye

Leave the Grave Green

Mourn Not Your Dead

Necessary as Blood

No Mark Upon Her

Now May You Weep

Water Like a Stone

Where Memories Lie

Cross, Julie

Letters to Nowhere

Crusie, Jennifer

–“Hot Toy


Danker, Sean


de la Cruz, Melissa

Vampires of Manhattan

Delany, Vicki

Body on Baker Street

In the Shadow of the Glacier

Dickens, Charles

A Tale of Two Cities

Dillon, Lucy

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts

Doyle, Debra

Price of the Stars, The

Starpilot’s Grave

Draven, Grace


Duncan, Elizabeth J.

A Killer’s Christmas in Wales

Dunstall, S.K.


Dyer-Seeley, Kate E.

Silenced in the Surf


Edmondson, Elizabeth

A Man of Some Repute

A Matter of Loyalty

A Question of Inheritance

A Youthful Indiscretion

Edwards, Hailey

A Hint of Frost

Edwards, Janet

Earth 2788

–“Earth and Fire

Earth Flight

Earth Girl

Earth Star

Elliott, Cara

–“Flames Dance

Elliott, Kate

Cold magic

Ellis, Kate

The Armada Boy

The Merchant’s House


Finch, Charles

A Beautiful Blue Death

Force, Marie

Fatal Affair

Francis, Dick

Break In

Furlong, Susan

Splintered Silence


Gates, Eva

Reading Up a Storm

Gingell, W.G.

Between Jobs

Fire in the Blood

First Chill of Autumn, The


Twelve Days of Faery

Goodavage, Maria

Soldier Dogs

Gordon, Eva

Apocalyptic Moon

Gracie, Anne

–“Mistletoe Kisses

Granger, N.A.

Death in a Red Canvas Chair

Graves, Sarah

Winter at the Door

Griffiths, Elly

Dying Fall

The Outcast Dead

A Room Full of Bones

Woman in Blue, The

Gudenkauf, Heather

Not a Sound


Haddam, Jane

Not a Creature Was Stirring

Harris, Charlaine

A Bone to Pick

Real Murders

Shakespeare’s Christmas

Harrison, Kim


Harkness, Deborah

A Discovery of Witches

Hartman, Rachel


Hearne, Kevin



Heinlein, Robert

Farmer in the Sky

Have Space Suit – Will Travel

Star Beast, The

Starman Jones

Henry, Steven

Black Velvet

Henwick, Mark

Sleight of Hand

Heyer, Georgette

These Old Shades

Hillerman, Anne

Song of the Lion

Hillerman, Tony

Fallen Man, The

Sinister Pig, The

Hines, Jim C.

Libriomancer, The

Hogarth, M.C.A.


Rose Point

Hollon, Cheryl

Shards of Murder

Höst, Andrea K.

And All the Stars

Bones of the Fair


Champions of the Rose

Gratuitous Epilogue


Lab Rat One

Pyramids of London, The

Stained Glass Monster


Touchstone trilogy

Howard, A. G.


Howard, Kat

Roses and Rot

Howard, Linda

Now You See Her

Huff, Tanya

An Ancient Peace

Better Part of Valor, The

Future Falls, The

Magic Emporium, The

A Peace Divided

Silvered, The

Summon the Keeper

Valor’s Choice

Wild Ways, The

Hunter, Kelly

Night Before Christmas, The




James, Eloisa

Seduced by a Pirate

Three Weeks with Lady X

When Beauty Tamed the Beast

Jayne, Hannah

Under Wraps

Jennings, Holly


Jensen, Danielle L.

Stolen Songbird

Jensen, Jane

In the Land of Milk and Honey

Johnson, Craig

The Cold Dish

Johnson, Suzanne

River Road

Royal Street

Johnston, Paul

Skeleton Blues


Kagawa, Julie

Immortal Rules, The

Karsak, Melanie

–“Chasing Christmas Past: An Airship Racing Chronicles Short Story

Karst, Leslie

Dying for a Taste

Kearsley, Susanna

Firebird, The

Named of the Dragon

Winter Sea, The

Kelly, Carla

–“The Three Kings

King, Susan

–“A Scottish Carol

Kloos, Marko

Terms of Enlistment

Kowal, Mary Robinette

–“The Lady Astronaut of Mars

Shades of Milk and Honey

Krentz, Jayne Ann (aka Amanda Quick)

Promise Not to Tell

River Road

Kreuger, William Kent

Blood Hollow

Mercy Falls


Lavene, Joyce & Jim

Murder Fir Christmas

Lee, Sharon

Mouse and Dragon

Leicht, Martin


Lerner, Rose

In for a Penny

L’Engle, Madeline

Twenty-four Days Before Christmas, The

Levy, Lawrence H.

Second Street Station

Lindsey, Erin

Bloodbound, The

Bloodforged, The

Littlejohn, Emily

Lost Lake

Lloyd, Catherine

Death Comes to Kurland Hall

Death Comes to London

Death Comes to the Village


Maas, Sarah J.

Throne of Glass

MacAvoy, R.A.

Tea with the Black Dragon

MacDonald, James D.

Price of the Stars, The

Starpilot’s Grave

MacLeod, Shea

Kissed by Darkness

MacNeal, Susan Elia

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary

Mansell, Jill

Millie’s Fling

To the Moon and Back

Maresca, Marshall Ryan

A Murder of Mages

Thorn of Dentonhill, The

Marillier, Juliet

Dreamer’s Pool

Tower of Thorns

Marmell, Ari

Hot Lead, Cold Iron

Marston, Edward

The Railway Detective

Maxwell, Edith

Delivering the Truth

May, Elizabeth

Falconer, The

McCafferty, Keith

Dead Man’s Fancy

The Royal Wulff Murders

McGuire, Seanan

An Artificial Night

Ashes of Honor

Chimes at Midnight

Discount Armageddon

Late Eclipses

One Salt Sea

McKinley, Robin


McMaster, Bec

Kiss of Steel

Meding Kelly

Stray Magic

Meier, Leslie

Mistletoe Murder

Trick or Treat Murder

Merrill, Christine

Inconvenient Duchess, The

Meyer, Marissa



Milan, Courtney

A Kiss for Midwinter

Duchess War, The

Heiress Effect, The

Miller, Steve

Mouse and Dragon

Mills, Anita

–“The Last Wish

Mizushima, Margaret

Hunting Hour

Killing Trail

Stalking Ground

Moning, Karen Marie




Moon, Elizabeth

Cold Welcome

Morgan, Sarah

Sleigh Bells in the Snow

Suddenly Last Summer

Mulhern, Julie

Clouds in My Coffee

Deep End, The

Diamond Girl

Guaranteed to Bleed

Watching the Detectives

Mullett, Melinda

Single Malt Murder

Munier, Paula

A Borrowing of Bones

Murphy, Michael

The Big Brush-Off


Naquin, R. L.

Monster in my Closet

Neal, Isla


Nickson, Chris

Modern Crimes

Nolte, Phillip

Scrapyard Incident, The

Norton, Andre

Sargasso of Space

 Novak, Brenda

Heart of Christmas, The

Novik, Naomi



O’Connor, Carlene

Murder in an Irish Village

Olsen, Lisa

Find Me When the Sun Goes Down

Meet Me When the Sun Goes Down

Wake Me When the Sun Goes Down

Olson, Melissa F.

Boundary Crossed

Dead Spots



Pearson, Mary E.

Kiss of Deception, The

Pegau, Cathy

Borrowing Death

Penny, Louise

Bury Your Dead

Cruelest Month, The

A Fatal Grace

A Rule Against Murder

A Trick of the Light

Still Life

Powell, Margaret

Servant’s Hall: A Real Life Upstairs, Downstairs Romance, The

Preston, Lisa

The Clincher

Pullman, Phillip

Golden Compass, The

Putney, Mary Jo

–“Sunshine for Christmas

–“In the Bleak Midwinter



Quick, Amanda (aka Jayne Ann Krentz)

‘Til Death Do Us Part

Quinn, Spencer

–“Santa 365


Raby, Amy

Assassin’s Gambit

Raybourn, Deanna

A Curious Beginning

A Perilous Undertaking

Richardson, E.E.

Disturbed Earth

Under the Skin

Richardson, Kat



Roanhorse, Rebecca

Trail of Lightning

Roberts, Nora

Witness, The

Robyns, Claire

A Matter of Propriety and Parasites

A Matter of Circumstance and Celludrones

Ross, JoAnn

–“You Again

Ross, Loretta

Death & the Redheaded Woman

Russell, Alan

Burning Man


Sagara, Michelle


Sanderson, Brandon

Emperor’s Soul, The

Saunders, Kate

The Secrets of Wishtide

Scalzi, John

Fuzzy Nation

Ghost Brigades, The

Last Colony, The

Lock In

Old Man’s War


Schreiber, Joe

Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick

Shames, Terry

A Killing at Cotton Hill

The Last Death of  Jack Harbin

Snodgrass, Melinda 

The High Ground

Spencer-Fleming, Julia

Through the Evil Days

Stein, Garth

The Art of Racing in the Rain

Steiner, Susie

Missing, Presumed


Taylor, Jodi

White Silence

Taylor, Laini

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

Templeton, Aline

Cold in the Earth

Tettensor, E. L.


Thomas, Sherry

Burning Sky, The

Perilous Sea, The

Todd, Charles

A Test of Wills

Tyson, Wendy

A Muddied Murder




Vatsal, Radha

A Front Page Affair


Wallace, Matt

–“Envy of Angels”

Walsh, Shiela

–“The Christmas Star

Washington, Sharon

Feeding the Dragon

Weir, Andy

Martian The

Weir, Theresa

Girl with the Cat Tattoo, The

Wells, Dan

Zero G

Wells, Jaye

Dirty Magic

Wells, Martha

Artificial Condition

Cloud Roads, The

Serpent Sea, The

Siren Depths. The

Stories of the Raksura, Vol. 1

West, Kasey

Pivot Point

Wexler, Django

John Golden: Freelance Debugger

White, Elle Katharine


Wilde, Darcie

A Useful Woman

Wilhelm, Kate

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Winspear, Jacqueline

Maisie Dobbs

X, Y, Z

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