Sunday Post: Autumn is coming

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Kimberly hosts the Sunday Post each week. I like to take part because it gives me an opportunity to look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also love to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Personal life

We had a couple of days of cooler weather this week, but by the weekend it was in the 80’s again with quite a bit of humidity.

However, farmers are starting to harvest their corn and trees are beginning to change color. Next week it looks like we will have a few nights in the 40’s. Yay! I’m ready for the cooler weather and I love Autumn.

Family Reunion Photos

Last week I mentioned our family had a family reunion at a Washington state park called Fort Worden. Our families stayed in houses on Officers Row. (Fort Worden was an Army fort for about 50 years.) As well as bedrooms and bathrooms, the houses have kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms. There are several museums, hiking trails, and sandy beaches. The weather was beautiful and we had such fun with our family–many of whom we hadn’t seen for at least a couple of years.

I still have boxes!

I sorted through more boxes this week. These boxes had books in them as well as paperwork I needed to file. These were things I hadn’t needed so they sat for several months. As I unpacked I sorted the books again and put most of them on my bookshelf. Some I decided I wasn’t going to read so those went in a box to donate to my library.

Still some computer problems

I’m still having some problems with the space bar on my computer, but have trained my thumb to hit the correct spot on the space bar most of the time!


I wasn’t keeping track of the days this week so I missed posting my Can’t Wait Wednesday!

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My books

What I’m reading
  • The Dead Don’t Drink at Lafitte’s by Seana Kelly
Books read
  • Rock With Wings by Anne Hillerman
  • Barrayer by Lois McMaster Bujold
New books

None this week!

What did you do last week?