Five reasons I stopped writing book reviews

I have a book blog, but don’t write book reviews

Connect Five Friday is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date. (The hashtag is #connect5books) This is a fun and creative way to think about my books and reading. Check out Kathyrn’s blog and link up your Friday Five!

The five book-related items need to connect in some way, but each person who participates can decide for themselves what the book subject and connection is. For example, you could write about five books read last year or five books you want to read. It could even be favorite bookstores or five movies made from books.


Today I’m talking about reasons I stopped writing reviews and stopped requesting books from Netgalley. (Netgalley is the only site where I signed up.) These days I either buy my books or borrow them from my library. That’s a much better system for me!

I know lots of bloggers who do a great job writing book reviews. The reviews bloggers write help people like me decide what books we want to read. Thank you!

However, I started stressing out about requesting books which led to me not want to review books:

  • At first it was so fun and exciting to get books before they were published, but I requested more books than I could read in a reasonable amount of time.
    • I felt guilty all the time when I didn’t read a book and write a review before it was published.
  • Having so many books to read reminded me of school.
    • (That’s why I never went back to get a graduate degree. I love to learn, but not necessarily what I have to learn for a specific degree. It’s the same with books.)
  • I blog because it’s fun and I like to make connections with people who read the same kinds of books.
    • But I had less time to do that when I felt like I had to get a book read and get a review posted.
  • I’m a mood reader.
    • Sometimes a book that I know I will like I’m just not in the mood to read at a specific time.
    • I want to be excited about a book if I’m going to read it.
  • I got burned out writing reviews.
    • I always had reviews to write and reviews take me at least an hour to write–sometimes longer. When I finished a book I usually wasn’t quite ready to write a review. When I waited too long it took longer to write a review and I felt like I never had a long enough chunk of time. I also felt like my reviews all sounded the same, i.e., “I really like the book and the characters.”


I’m still burned out and not writing reviews on my blog. Sometimes I write a short review of a book on Goodreads. I keep meaning to gather those and post them on my blog, but that’s lower on the list of things to do!

I do enjoy writing about books for these Connect 5 posts and often write about why I liked a book or why I want to read a book or the connections between the five books I’m talking about.

For now that’s enough for me. And I hope the fact I don’t post reviews you will continue to read my blog and make comments, because I love the connections we make as readers and bloggers.

What about you? I have to admit I’m in awe of the people who continue to write great reviews of the books they read–whether or not they’re requesting books or not.