Sunday Post: Brr! Snow and cold weather

Connecting with others to talk about books plus a little about our personal lives


Kimberly hosts the Sunday Post each week. I like to take part because it gives me an opportunity to look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also love to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Personal life

At the end of last week I had a problem with my computer and hadn’t finished last week’s Sunday Post. Luckily, I had a couple of posts already scheduled for the week. I got the problem solved so all is well, I hope.

In the above photos I was up early and found Olaf looking out the window at all the snow. When I started taking pictures he had to see what was going on! In the photo at the right the light in the photo is the full moon.

More snow and cold weather

We had a big snowstorm a couple of week’s ago. By the time it was over we’d gotten almost 13 inches of snow. We already had snow on the ground that hadn’t melted so the snow is deep in the backyard. We’ve continued to get a couple inches of snow a few times and we may get a little more over the next few days. It has also gotten very cold and will stay cold for at least another week. The temperature when I got up this morning was -5 degrees. We are mostly staying inside. As the weatherman says we’re in an active weather pattern!

Our relocation update

We’re getting ready to paint our bathroom so we’re taking everything out and also packing stuff we won’t need for the next few months. We’re hoping to have the house ready to sell by March–and that our snow has melted and the cold, cold weather is done by then!

Our new house has walls now and maybe a roof! Still several months away from getting finished though.

Blog Life

I’m getting back on track on my blog. I still have lots of comments to answer, but I’m working on that and enjoying catching up on what people have been reading and doing lately. Of course, I go to blogs and often go down a rabbit hole as I find new books to add to my book list and read updates about your lives.

Posts for next week
  • Can’t Wait Wednesday
  • Connect 5
  • Sunday Post

My books

What I’m reading
  • Shamed by Linda Castillo
  • Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell
Books I read
  • Lost Flyght by S.J. Pajonas
  • Remnants of Trust by Elizabeth Bonesteel
Books I got in the last couple of weeks

What did you do last week? What are you planning for next week?