Sunday Post: Back home next week

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Kimberly hosts the Sunday Post each week. I like to take part because it gives me an opportunity to look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also love to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Personal life

First frost this week and cool and blustery after that.


We spent the last week in Indiana. We stayed with our daughter and when she had to go out-of-town we’re watching her dogs for her. My husband spent several days getting leaves off her yard. Most of the leaves have fallen from the two trees I showed last week. Amazing the difference a week can make!

We also celebrated our daughter’s birthday. I made a birthday cake and we had a firepit fire. It was a cool night–so perfect for a fire.

My daughter’s hot water tank started leaking this week. We were glad we were here for a plumber to come and replace the hot water tank. An electrician is also coming to do some work for her while we’re here.

Back home

We’re headed back home in a few days. It will be great for the cats and us to get home again! The new carpet is installed and the driveway work is done so we need to talk to our realtor about what more we still should do to get our house ready to sell and when to put it up for sale.

New kindle

I’ve had a few problems with my Kindle and my cover had started falling apart so it seemed like a great time for a new Kindle. During the Prime Days that Amazon held last week I saw a great deal on a new Kindle. Serendipity!

And I’m loving my new Kindle cover!

Blog Life

It was a busy week so I didn’t get as much done on my blog as planned. No Connect 5 Friday post. And not as much blog visiting as I had planned. I’m planning to work on posts, comments and blog visits the early part of the week before we leave for home. I know it will get busy after we get home. I also want to get a few weeks ahead with posts. We’ll see how that goes!

I got some good books this week so I’m eager to read faster!

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My books

What I’m reading
  • Murder on Cold Street by Sherry Thomas
  • The Bond by Robin Kirk
  • Stars Beyond by S.K. Dunstall (I haven’t been listening to this as much as I’ve wanted to since I keep getting library audiobooks I need to listen to!)
What I read
  • The Endless Beach by Jenny Colgan
  • Dead Eye by Alyssa Day
Books I got

What have you got planned for next week? What did you do last week?

Please stay safe. Wear masks.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Back home next week”

  1. I hope you enjoy The Bond😁 I also got A Deadly Education and I’m just trying to figure out when I have time to read it😁 Have a good week!


    1. Thanks, Tammy. I’m really liking The Bond. It’s quite different than I expected and it’s nice to get something different! I need to figure out how I can fit in A Deadly Education, too.


  2. I loved A Deadly Education – I thought it great fun and I also thoroughly enjoyed Hard Time – so I hope you get a chance to read those two and enjoy them, too:)). And I know what you mean about not getting to visit as many blogs as you wanted… I’ve massively failed in the department during the last month! Have a great week, Jan:)


    1. I’m hoping to read those two books soon, Sarah. A number of my library books came in at the same time so I need to try to fit them in. I have a better chance of getting A Deadly Education read this month since it’s a library book!

      I know what you mean about not visiting the number of blogs you wanted to. It just hasn’t happened for me lately.

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      1. Well, you have also had a seriously hectic time of it! And I hope you manage to get to A Deadly Education – I thought it great fun with quite a lot of humour in amongst the mayhem:)).


    1. Thanks, Bea! I’m always excited for a new Kindle…lol. I did like Dead Eye. I don’t know when I’ll get to the second book, but I do hope to before long.


  3. You got some great new reads and it will be wonderful having that new Kindle. I thought about buying us a backup one but since the warranty is 90 days or something decided to wait. Ours are both newer and working well. I can’t believe the leaves all gone but it’s already snowed in MN where I lived It will touch 80 here this week. Have a safe trip home.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post


  4. Thanks, Anne! Wow, 80 degrees! I have to admit I’m enjoying the cooler weather in the Midwest. It is a little early for snow though.


  5. Not a fan of the cold but sounds like a fun if busy month. I’m sure your daughter was so happy you were there to deal with the water heater! My Kindle is ancient and is starting to get a little quirky. I’m torn between trying to keep it going and indulging in a new one. Hope you have a great week.


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