Can’t Wait Wednesday: Christmas at the Island Hotel by Jenny Colgan

Christmas on an island halfway between Scotland and Norway!

Can’t-Wait Wednesday is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings. This is a weekly meme to spotlight and discuss the books we’re excited about that we have yet to read. The books I choose aren’t released yet and usually won’t be published for at least two or three months. So I have a while to wait!

I love finding out about books set to publish in future months and I like to share my excitement about the books. I also like to find out about new books on other people’s blogs and hope they’ll sometimes find something to look forward to on my blog.

I’m excited to read . . .

Christmas at the Island Hotel

by Jenny Colgan

Series: Mure #4

Published by William Morrow

Publishing date: October 29

Genre: Fiction, Christmas

352 pages

Synopsis: On the tiny, beautiful, and remote island of Mure, halfway between Scotland and Norway, a new hotel opening is a big event. New mother Flora MacKenzie and her brother Fintan are working themselves half to death to get it ready in time for Christmas. 

The new hotel’s impressive kitchens throw together two unlikely new friends: Isla Gregor is the hardworking young girl who has been a waitress in the island’s cafe, dreaming of a bigger, better life now that she’s at a proper fancy hotel. Konstantin Pederson is working his way up in the hotel’s kitchens too…but he is also, secretly, the only son of the Duke of Utsire. Konstantin has been sent to learn what it is to work hard for a living, before receiving his inheritance. Although he’s initially resentful, the place grows on him; he has never met anyone quite like Isla and her fellow Murians before. 

As the island’s residents and special VIP guests gather for the hotel’s grand opening gala, Christmas is in the air. But so are more than a few small-town secrets…


I like Jenny Colgan’s writing and especially in these pandemic times her books are heartwarming and calming for me!

I read book 3 in this series–Christmas on the Island–a couple years ago and it was a perfect Christmas book for me. The book made me happy, but it wasn’t saccharine sweet. Life goes on for people and life isn’t always what we expect or hope for–but people can rise to the occasion and that’s what can make me happy (even through the tears) and give me hope I can handle my problems!

Author: Jan

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  1. I wouldn’t normally pick up this genre of book, but this sounds like a really good story. Plus that cover is making me anxious for the holidays😁


  2. Just mention Jenny Colgan and I’m so there! She’s such a great writer. This sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy it when you read it! Have a great week.


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