My pandemic life so far

In the United States months into the pandemic people still get ill, some die and some have long-lasting effects of the illness. Unemployment and homelessness isn’t going away soon. Black Lives Matter still matters. The United States still has a huge number of positive Covid 19 cases and people continue to die at an alarming rate. Schools are beginning to start, but large numbers of children have tested positive for Covid 19 in the last few weeks. I know many people have gone through so much in the last few months and continue to struggle.

The pandemic and quarantine have been mostly okay for my family and me. My husband and I are retired and don’t see a lot of people in normal times! My husband is cooking more and has always helped with cleaning. We are in the higher risk group due to our age and pre-existing medical conditions so we are cautious about our interactions with other people. We do sometimes order curbside take-out from our favorite restaurants. We’re lucky we have a beautiful and serene backyard to spend time in plus a big enough house to spend separate time if we need it!

We’ve had plenty to keep us busy the last five months. My husband has done lots of yard work. He has been able to continue to play bridge over the internet with his regular bridge partner. I have made lots of cards to send to family and friends plus I’ve read lots of books and completed a few jigsaw puzzles.

Our three children are safe–two work from home and one is mission essential so she works some at home and some at her workplace. She wears a mask when she’s working with anyone else, but a lot of her time she’s alone in her lab.

During these months I’ve continued to read and am way ahead in my 2020 Goodreads Reading Challenge. That makes me happy, but I have more books than usual I’ve started and gotten quite a ways into the book only to decide I don’t want to read any more of it. One book I was at the 50% point! Sometimes the books were depressing or too disturbing; other times I was bored.

However, even though my life has been safe and fairly uneventful the last few months, I feel overwhelmed, exhausted and emotionally drained from all the dissonance in the world. I’m hoping writing blog posts and interacting with other bloggers will help me get some perspective.

Author: Jan

I love to read--especially mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I also love blogging, photography, gardening, playing Mah Jonng, reading with a cat on my lap, throwing a ball for a dog, creating cards to send to family and friends, reading book blogs, using my computer.

2 thoughts on “My pandemic life so far”

  1. It’s been rough. We are safe at home and lucky to be able to do it. But I am saddened at the anger, stupidity and hate I see sometimes. Be kind and care about others! We don’t go out much but wear masks when we do. I’ve been reading a lot but so moody. I thought I would complete lots of projects but I don’t focus all that well. My sleep is messed up at times. I have to work to source things we need without going out and some things are more expensive or hard to get. I am grateful we are healthy and have so much. I am so sorry for all the lost lives with more ahead.

    I will also say I am worried about the elections and I hope everyone will vote. I have been a lifelong Republican but that is over. I didn’t vote for Trump and may never vote Republican again. I cringe when I hear the Republican narrative and how familiar it is in my head. Now I see what a platitude most of it is, standard bullying, whether it is true or not. Yes, there are corrupt folks in all political parties.

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    1. I agree with you, Anne. I’ve tried to do longer term projects and just can’t focus on them. And I’m definitely moody with my reading. I, too, am very grateful for my health and that of my husband.

      And I agree about the elections. I hope everyone votes and that we don’t have problems after the election. My husband was a life-long Republican also and didn’t vote for Trump either. He has changed his party affiliation to Democrat though he still believes many of the long-time conservative Republican messages about small government and fiscal responsibility. He even was a precinct captain in Iowa (during the Iowa Caucus debacle) for a Democratic candidate! And certainly corrupt and wrong-headed people in all political parties.


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