My long absence

I’m going to try to blog again. I’ll see how it goes. I didn’t blog during March because I had technical problems–I couldn’t save any posts. Because of all the pandemic changes and quarantine starting in March I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out what was wrong. Toward the end of March I finally researched the problem and saw that a few people had had a similar problem when they used Chrome (which I was using). So I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and my blog worked again!

I have a blog draft called “I finally solved my WordPress problem,” dated 3 April, but I never finished it. Because of the pandemic I just haven’t felt I could blog and that continued for months.

However, I miss interacting with my book blog friends. I did continue to add the books I read on Goodreads and I’ve added pictures and a bit of text on Instagram sometimes, but that’s all I’ve done since March. Since I wasn’t blogging myself I should have read other blogs and checked to see how everyone is doing. But I didn’t even feel like I could do that. I’m going to start going to blogs now to see how all of you are getting along.

How has the pandemic affected you? How did the quarantine affect you? Have you had to start working away from home again? Have you lost your job?

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6 thoughts on “My long absence”

  1. Welcome back! It’s good to hear from you again.

    I’ve known five people who were diagnosed with Covid-19 so far. One passed away, two have fully recovered, and two are still recovering from it (they were diagnosed fairly recently). Not sure if that’s the sort of feedback you were expecting or not? I’m taking one day at a time and hoping for a vaccine soon.


    1. Thanks! It’s good to be back. I’m sorry you’ve been impacted like this from Covid 19. I’m taking it one day at a time, too. I hope a good vaccine and good treatments come soon.


  2. I’m so glad you are back. If you want to ease in, you could just do one post a week – the Sunday post – to get in on the social aspects of all the group.

    We are just staying home and happy to be able to stay home. My daughter insisted she would only do online this fall and we only go out if we have to pickup something like pharmacy, wearing masks.


    1. Thanks, Anne. It’s really nice to read about how everyone is doing. And you’re right, the Sunday Post is a good place for me to ease back in. We have mostly stayed home, too, but with some interaction with our children.


  3. Don’t feel bad about not blogging for so long. The pandemic has impacted all of us in different ways, and disrupted our normal routines. You have done what you needed to do to cope with a situation that is completely unprecedented in our lifetime. I know it has affected me; I have an even harder time focusing and getting things done than usual. I go through weeks where I don’t blog much, and then I get a week or two when I push out several reviews in a row.

    We’re basically hunkered down, minimizing our contact with other people. We are really lucky in that my husband hasn’t lost his job. He has had to go to work occasionally, but most of the time he can work from home. And when he does go in, he only sees one or two other people, and they are all masked. I have freelanced from home for years, so I’m used to it. Work has fallen off a bit, though. Our Robin is living with my parents and is also working from home, thank goodness!

    We are very fortunate that no one in the extended family has contracted COVID-19 so far. Most of them, and most of my good friends, are being sensible and staying away from the public to the extent they can. Of course, a few of them work in situations where they can’t, and that worries me. And several of our extended family have had to go back to school — either teaching, or attending university or grad school. I have a feeling some of those schools will close again before long.

    I hope you, your husband, and your family and friends make it safely through the pandemic. And I hope fervently for a safe, effective vaccine.


    1. Thanks, Lark. So glad you and your extended family have been okay. And I’m glad that Robin is safe working from home and living with your parents. My husband and I are being cautious, too.

      Our oldest daughter works at a university, but luckily mostly from home. The university is going to test students and anyone else on campus twice a week (with results the same day) so I hope they manage to keep the university open. But I think there will be quite a few schools and universities who have to close again, too.


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