Tell Me Something Tuesday: My favorite genres

My favorite genres: mysteries, science fiction, urban fantasy, dog books, women’s fiction

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This week we’re talking about our favorite book genres. My reading tastes have changed throughout my life. I’m a mood reader so sometimes I quit reading a whole genre, but come back to it later. That’s what happened with mysteries. I completely stopped reading mysteries about 20 years ago and then started reading them again about five years ago.

About the same time I stopped reading mysteries I suddenly started reading romances and only read romance for about 10 years. I have trouble getting through a romance these days, but I do like to read books which have romantic elements.

This post became a lot longer than I meant it to…lol! Especially when I started adding my favorites from the genre that I’ve read so far this year. Oh, well. It was fun for me to think a little about the genres I read and how it’s changed sometimes.


I’ve read mysteries since I was a teenager when my favorite mystery authors were Agatha Christie, Dick Francis and Tony Hillerman. I still read these authors today. At various time throughout my life I’ve stopped reading mysteries, but right now mysteries are my favorite genre.

I don’t like to read about crimes against children or about serial killers. I don’t like really suspenseful mysteries or thrillers very much. I don’t like mysteries which dwell on the gruesome details of a murder. I don’t like to read a mystery from the murderers point-of-view.

In the past few years I read quite a few cozys, but these days I only have a couple favorite series I continue to read. To me too many cozys just seem silly or the the main character is just “Too Stupid to Live” (TSTL). The main character constantly puts themselves in danger.

I used to read a lot of books about private detectives, but read very few of these anymore since I think it’s difficult to write about private detectives who sound realistic. Private detectives need some way to get information and they usually need to have a connection with the police (which is difficult to really have).

This is one of my very favorite mystery series which isn’t quite a police procedural. (Ruth Galloway is the main character and she’s a forensic archaeologist, but sometimes consults with the police):

Police Procedurals

For the past few years my favorite subgenre is the police procedural. I really like reading about police officers and the work they do–especially honorable police officers who do the job because they want to help people. I like to read about the investigative work the police do to solve crimes. I also like to read series in this subgenre where we get to know the police officers both professionally and personally and other people in the books.

Some of my favorite police procedurals I’ve read so far this year:

Science Fiction

My favorite subgenres in science fiction are space opera, time travel and military science fiction. I do read some others that I would just call “regular science fiction.” I haven’t read as many science fiction this year so I don’t have examples in all my subgenres so I’ve just listed three of my favorite science fiction from this year:


A few years ago I read young adult fantasy and epic fantasy as well as urban fantasy, but I got burned out. These days urban fantasy is about all I read in this genre. And not too many of those anymore.

Urban Fantasy

My favorites from this year:

Dog Books

I started reading and searching for mysteries which had dogs in them last year–mostly working dogs. That led me to other books about working dogs that might not be mysteries and then some that are women’s fiction with dogs as central characters.

I especially like reading about the working dogs (search-and-rescue dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, military dogs, seeing eye dogs) These books often have another genre description. Of the three listed below the first is also women’s fiction. The second is young adult. And the third is a police procedural.

My favorite 2019 books about dogs:

Women’s Fiction

This is another new genre for me I’m actively searching for this year. I cringe a bit when I call a book “women’s fiction,” because it feels a little like I’m belittling the book. However, these books probably do appeal mostly to women and they usually have a lot about women changing their lives as well as usually having some romance in them. However, the romance isn’t what the book is mostly about, IMO. My favorites in 2019:


What are your favorite genres? Have your favorites changed through your years of reading?

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