The Wrap-Up for July and August 2019

Personal life


Photos from our trip to Seattle:

July was quiet travel-wise except for a trip to Illinois and Indiana to visit our daughters. Always fun to see them and my husband always likes to help them out in the yard if they’ve been too busy to mow or weed whip.

In August I felt like we spent more time traveling than at home though that wasn’t really the case. The first of the month started out with a trip to northern Wisconsin. However, that got cut short when I fell and hit my head on a concrete wall. We went to the emergency room and I discovered I had a concussion. I’m feeling much better now, but that cut our trip short. We drove home where I spent several days sleeping and resting and trying to stay away from electronic devices!

Later in the month we went to visit family in Washington State. Our son is living in Seattle right now plus my husband’s sister and brother-in-law live there, too. My brother and his family live in Oregon. We spent part of our time in Seattle and part of our time with my brother’s family along the Washington coast. It was a wonderful visit, but I felt like I needed a vacation from all that travel! 


My daylilies bloomed all of July and I even still had some blooming in August. We planted a new tree (a river birch) and quite a few new perennials as well as dividing some of the existing perennials in the yard.

By the end of August lots of the plants are winding down, but we have a few still flowering including some of our roses, cone flowers and black-eyed susans. The Autumn Joy sedum is ready to start flowering. Next year I hope to plant more plants that will bloom in the fall.


My husband spent lots of hours in July and August working on our driveway and made a lot of progress putting in drainage, moving dirt, building retaining walls, planting grass to hold the soil. Lots of work, but the area that used to be a concrete turnaround is looking lots better and we’re hoping this will keep the remaining driveway from developing cracks and creating tunnels under the driveway.

Blog life

Moved blog

I spent the last couple of weeks moving my blog to I wrote a post about that yesterday. Also with all my travels I haven’t done very much other than setting up my blog again. I still need to add in some of the pages I had and will do that over the next week or so.

Books read


Changes by Jim Butcher (audiobook/library) — B+

Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron (ebook/purchased) — B+

*Squared Away by Alicia Dill (ebook/purchased) — B-

Walking Back to Happiness by Lucy Dillon (audiobook/purchased) — B+


The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch (ebook/purchased) — B+

*The Scent of Murder by Kylie Logan (audiobook/library) — B

*Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes (audiobook/library) — A-

*Ascending by Margaret Pechenick (ebook/purchased) — B+

A Necessary Evil by Abir Mukherjee (audiobook/purchased) — B+

Cloudy With a Chance of Dropbears by W.R. Gingell (ebook/purchased) — B

*Craks in a Marriage by Barbara Barrett (ebook/purchased) — B

The Bookshop on the the Corner by Jenny Colgan (ebook/library) — A-

Bright Shards by Margaret Pechenick (ebook/purchased) — B+

*The White Shepherd by Annie Dalton (ebook/purchased) — B

*New-to-me author

My Reading Challenges

My reading challenges are mostly going dismally this year, but I’ll continue on with them and see if I improve by the end of the year!

Goodreads Challenge

2019 Goal–95 books  to read

By the end of August I had read 57 books. I’m several books behind where I should be by now if I’m going to read 95 books this year.

Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge

Goal–read and review 36-55 books mysteries (mysteries must be over 100 pages)

I’ve read 23 mysteries so far, but have only reviewed 2 of those mysteries.

52 Books in 52 Weeks Reading Challenge

I’ve read 14 books so far from the 52 subjects in this reading challenge.

The Backlist Reading Challenge

Goal — Read at least 24 books from my TBR list

So far I’ve read 14 books from my TBR list.

Library Love Challenge

Goal — Read at least 25 library books

I’ve read 18 library books so far.

Review Writing Challenge

Goal — Review at least 70 books this year

I’ve only reviewed 5 books I’ve read  this year so far.


How has your year been going so far? Both with your reading and your personal life?