Sunday Post: Snow, cold and sunshine


Kimberly hosts the Sunday Post each week. I like to take part because it gives me an opportunity to look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also love to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Personal life

Lots of appointments and places to go this week and then we had our second snowfall of the season Friday. It has also gotten very cold–below zero last night. We didn’t get a lot of snow, but the original snow hadn’t melted so it’s piling up and not supposed to get very warm for a while. But it is winter and the snow is beautiful. We had several sunny and cold days. I love the sun in the winter.

If we need to go somewhere it helps that the street in front of our house is a connecting road so the city keeps it plowed and clear. We have a long, steep driveway so we have a snowblower to help clear the snow. (We’ve gotten stuck several times trying to get the car up to our house when the driveway isn’t clear!)

We had planned to visit our daughters in Illinois and Indiana the next couple of weeks, but with the forecasts for snow and bitterly cold weather we’ve postponed the visits. Our son is coming to pick up his dog on February 1. I’m going to miss Donnie, but he will be so happy to see my son and leave for his new home in Seattle. We plan to visit our daughters sometime in February when we don’t have to worry so much about freezing rain and snow.


Reading Challenges

I spent quite a bit of time on my reading challenges. I signed up for a few more and finished all my pages for the 2019 challenges. I’m doing seven challenges–yes, seven challenges! I enjoy challenging myself in these challenges and as long as I’m organized I have fun with them.

I also signed up for “They Call It Puppy Love Challenge” which Barb @ Booker T’s Farm is hosting. This reading challenge lasts the month of February! I’m excited about this challenge since I’m enjoying reading books with dogs as major characters. I’ve especially enjoyed reading about working dogs–police dogs, soldiers’ dogs, therapy dogs. Check out Barb’s blog for more information.

Reviews and Comments

Now that I have my 2019 reading challenges organized I’m focusing on getting the 2018 reviews I’ve started finished and posted plus trying to write my 2019 reviews soon after I finish reading my books. I also worked to get caught up answering comments and visiting other blogs. I’m trying to visit a few blogs each day.

Recent posts

Next week
  • Books I meant to read in 2018 but didn’t get to
  • Waiting on Wednesday
  • Review: Mercy Falls by William Kent Kreuger
  • Review: Feeding the Dragon by Sharon Washington

My books

What I’m reading
  • Mud, Muck and Dead Things by Ann Granger
  • Zero G by Dan Wells
What I read recently
  • A Murder for the Books by Victoria Gilbert
  • Copper River by William Kent Kreuger
Books I got recently

Death Distilled by Melinda Mullett

Alphas: Origins by Ilona Andrews

Dark City by Kit Hallows

Matchmaking for Beginners by Maddie Dawson

What are you doing?

Are you going to look for the Lunar eclipse tonight with the “super blood wolf moon?” We have mostly cloudy weather forecast. 😦 But we’ll try to see if it’s visible.