The Backlist Reader Challenge 2019

The Backlist Reader Challenge (#BacklistReader) is hosted by Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard. Visit her blog to sign-up and read more about this challenge.

I’m signing up for this challenge to help me read my older books. The great thing about this challenge is that it includes not just the books I already own, but all the books (published before 2018) on my list I’ve wanted to read.

My Goals

  • Read 25 books from my TBR list
  • Write reviews for the books and then link them to Lark’s blog

I will put a page on my blog to keep this challenge updated:

  • My goals
  • My TBR List–I have several TBR lists on OneNote so I have to combine them, take out the books I’ve read and make sure none of the books were published in 2018.
  • A list of the books as I read them and links to my reviews once I get them reviewed.

Have you decided to do any challenges this year?