Review: What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard

What the Dog Ate by Jackie BouchardWhat the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard

Series: None

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Setting: San Diego, California

Source: Ebook, purchased

Publishing Date: 2012

285 pages

Synopsis: When Maggie Baxter, a practical, rule-following accountant, finds out what her chocolate Lab ate, her world turns upside down. Maggie thought she had the rest of her life meticulously planned out, but now she needs to figure out Plan B. With her dog, Kona, as her guru, Maggie embarks on a funny, heartwarming quest in search of tail-wagging joy.

My thoughts

This book has a great first sentence! That hooked me right away as did the title and cover. In fact, I fell for this book as soon as I saw it. I read about the author on Barb’s blog–Booker T’s Farm ( I’ve read lots of books with dogs in them this year and I know she likes to read about dogs as well so when Jackie Bouchard was mentioned I had to give her a try. I’m so glad I did. This was a good read for me.

Maggie Baxter is a workaholic accountant at the beginning of the book. I’m not going to say too much more about the book except one of the important things she discovers is that she’s not really happy working long hours or working as an accountant.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any women’s fiction, but I liked this book a lot. Maggie changes and grows during the course of the book. She discovers a lot of things about herself. I like that the book is about a little older woman (she’s 41) than the women in a lot of books–especially books in the women’s fiction or romance genre.

There are lots of characters that are fun to read about in this book. I especially enjoy Kona who is written about very realistically. He’s definitely a Lab–very friendly and motivated by food and walks and other dogs! The book is sad at times, but also very funny. It’s also definitely a feel-good book that put me in a great mood by the time I finished it. I recommend it for anyone who likes dogs, women’s fiction and/or books about life-changing circumstances.

My Rating: B+

Have you read any books by this author?

Author: Jan

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4 thoughts on “Review: What the Dog Ate by Jackie Bouchard”

  1. I’m so glad you liked this. Strange though, as much as I love Jackie’s books, this is the only one I haven’t read. I keep waiting for her to finish her current one so I can read this and know I have another coming. I love all of her works but I think my fave probably has to be Rescue Me Maybe. Maybe became Booker T’s book girlfriend after reading it and I think you’ll love her too!


  2. I’m interested in dog-featured books! Still not sure about stories with talking dogs and such, but this one has a cute cover and synopsis. Thanks for sharing it, Jan, and introducing some readers to a new-to-them author 🙂


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