Review: Gun Shy by Donna Ball

Gun Shy by Donna BallGun Shy by Donna Ball

Series: Raine Stockton Dog Mystery #3

Genre: Mystery

Setting: North Carolina

Source: Ebook, purchased

Publishing Date: 2007

240 pages

Synopsis: Michelle White may have committed suicide. For days, her body has lain in a cabin along with her terrified dog. So they call in Raine Stockton. Raine hardly has time for the poor dog she’s named Hero. But as she falls for him, questions surface about his late owner-and Raine realizes that Hero may be the only witness to a murder.

My thoughts

I read the first book in this series a few months ago and liked it so I decided to get the next book. Somehow I bought the third book instead of the second one! I will go back and read the second, but I didn’t have too much trouble figuring out what was going on.

I’ve read a lot of dog stories this year. I especially like books about working dogs–search-and-rescue dogs, dogs working for the police or military–but I also want the dogs not put in unnecessary jeopardy and I want the stories to end well. I don’t like the books that end with the dog’s death.

I liked this book better than the first book, but that may just be because I know and like the characters and got to know more about them. I do think it was a little more nuanced than the first book. I like all the dogs in these books and this one is no exception. I enjoy reading about the things dogs can do and the fact that dogs have different temperaments and enjoy and excel at doing different things. There was a dancing dog as well as the search-and-rescue and agility dogs in this book. I’m hoping we get to know more about Raine’s other dogs. So far they don’t do too much except bark and run around!

There is one character in the book who can understand what dogs are thinking. I like that Raine is skeptical though the woman does tell her things Raine wouldn’t otherwise know. I don’t think people can “talk” to dogs, but I like the books so I can suspend some disbelief and the author does let the dogs be dogs and not have too many human characteristics. Raine’s partner in her business is an experienced, no-nonsense dog trainer. She keeps Raine grounded and helps Raine understand more about her dogs.

I liked the mystery and I liked the dogs and human characters just as much.

My Rating: B

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  1. I don’t read all that many dog stories – they don’t turn up in space all that often… But this series sounds appealing – thank you for sharing, Jan.


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