Review: Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson

modern crimes by chris nicksonModern Crimes by Chris Nickson

Series: WPC Lottie Armstrong Mystery #1

Genre: Historical Mystery

Setting: Leeds, England, 1924

Source: Ebook, purchased

Publishing Date: 2017

288 pages

Synopsis: 1924: still reeling from the effect of World War I, life in the city of Leeds is hard: poverty is rife, work is scarce, and crime is becoming more sophisticated. Bravely entering this maelstrom is one of the city’s first policewomen to walk the beat, the resourceful, inquisitive, and practical WPC Lottie Armstrong. Eager to prove herself and determined to succeed, Lottie faces apathy from colleagues and the general public alike until she suddenly finds herself on the trail of a missing girl that leads to the underbelly of the city and to murder. As Lottie uncovers a plot involving high level corruption, CID reluctantly find they need her knowledge and people skills, but as the truth is slowly laid bare Lottie’s bravery is tested to its limit in a breathtaking climax. 

My thoughts

I liked this book, but was disappointed when I found out the next book takes place twenty years later. I wanted to read more about Lottie in the 1920’s. I probably won’t read the second book at this time since it’s expensive and I’m not as interested in reading it.

I thought the mystery in this book was very good and I enjoyed reading about Lottie and her fellow female police constable Cathy Taylor. I could understand how frustrating it was for them to work only with women’s problems and then have to hand anything serious over to the male police officers. And they didn’t receive much respect or help from any of the male officers. This was a very difficult position for both of the women police constables.

Even after Lottie makes significant contributions to a murder case and works with one of the detectives she doesn’t receive much thanks–and is even reprimanded. I enjoyed this a lot.

Chris Nickson writes other mystery series which sound great and I will look for one of those to read more books by him.

My Rating: B+

Have you read any books by this author?

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  1. I really was looking forward to reading more about Lottie and what she did next. Maybe the tenth or twentieth book could happen twenty years later! Oh, well. There are lots of great books to read.


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