Spring 2018 Bloggiesta Sign-Up

Spring Blogggiesta Sign-up post

Spring Bloggiesta will be a week-long challenge, March 19-25th, where we all get focus on that massive to-do list for improving, maintaining, and generally making your blog great.

If you’ll be joining us, be sure to make a to-do list and link it below. As always, your to-do list can contain as much or as little as you want to do. Ideas for a basic to do list can be found at this link. You are welcome to copy it and use it however you see fit. Or visit other people’s to-do lists and steal borrow their great ideas.


I did a Bloggiesta a couple of years ago and  meant to do one again ever since, but have forgotten to check for dates. I saw that this was happening so now is the time! I have ideas and plans for my blog that I want to work on and Spring Bloggiesta is the perfect time to do it. Check out the Spring Bloggiesta site to get some ideas of what you can do for your blog.

To Do List

  1. Finish and schedule at least two discussion posts.
  2. Finish and schedule at least three reviews.
  3. Check blog for broken links, speed
  4. Complete at least two challenges.
  5. Participate in a twitter party.
  6. Comment on other Bloggiesta blogs throughout the week.