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I’ve decided to start an occasional blog post called “Meet Me on a Monday”. I plan to talk about anything that catches my interest. I think it will have some tie-in to my blog and to books, but my plans are still a little vague! I thing I will use it for discussion posts as well. I feel the need to do some new things on my blog and I hope this will spur me on.

A Sick Dog

Last Monday my daughter called me about 7:00 a.m. and asked if I could take her dog to the vet. She had to go into work for a while, but Bailey had vomited several times and there was blood in the vomit. I got her to the vet and it was not as bad as it could have been, but still they kept her at the veterinary office all day while they x-rayed her, did blood tests and gave her various medications. The diagnosis was hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Apparently, dogs can die from this if it isn’t treated.

I took care of her several days during the week since she needed special food and medications which had to be given at various times during the day–including a pill dissolved in water and then drawn into a syringe and squirted down her throat. Needless to say, Bailey didn’t like that medicine very well! The first time I did it I got her mouth open and squirted it into her mouth…just as she shook her head violently! I had medicine all over the kitchen! She spent most of her time sleeping and I sat beside her most of the time!

She’s doing much better now though she still is taking medicine and eating special food. On Saturday she and Juneau had great fun chasing each other around the yard. Another reason she stayed with me is that she needed to stay quiet during the early part of the week. Juneau stayed home since she’s a very high-energy dog and would have not let Bailey sleep all day.

Allergy Attack Days

I also spent several days fighting my allergies. They’ve been worse the last couple of weeks (even though nothing is growing outside yet). I take allergy medicine every day, but I still have nonstop sneezing, runny nose and itching eyes for most of the day on “Allergy-Attack Days.” It’s very frustrating. I think I need to change my medicine again.


Anyway I didn’t get anything posted on my blog last week even though I had some things ready to post and nearly ready. There were several days I didn’t even open my computer–and if I did it was later in the day. I’ve decided I need to get more posts written ahead and then actually schedule them. Sometimes I get a post partly written, but then forget to go back and finish it. Then if I discover that the day I need to publish the post it doesn’t get finished especially if it’s already in the afternoon.

Do you ever do that? I looked at my draft posts and I have quite a few that are nearly finished. I need to go back and edit some of them, maybe add a little more content and then schedule them. And I need to delete the ones I don’t want to put on the blog anymore.


Spring Bloggiesta starts next week and I think I will join that and plan to get posts written as well as work on my blog and do some of the challenges. I did a Bloggiesta a couple of years ago and it was helpful and fun.

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