Audiobooks aid my card creation

Last year I listened to more audiobooks than ever before and it was all because I made a lot of cards last year. Usually I only listen to audios when I’m in my craft room. I don’t use headphones. I like to just listen using my phone as the audio plays loud and clear while I decide what kind of card I’m going to create and then get busy and create it. I guess I must use two different parts of my brain when I listen and create, because I do really get into a good book while making my cards. (I do sometimes listen outside my craft room when I’m close to the end of a really good book.) I love that I can create the cards I send to family and friends while I listen to audiobooks.

Some of my favorite 2017 cards

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Audiobook numbers for 2017:

Total audiobooks: 38

Total books of all kinds read: 100

I listened to 12 new-to-me authors as I listened to audiobooks last year.

Audiobooks and cards

Audiobooks really kept me on track in 2017 to reach my reading goal of 100 books. I find it really satisfying to create something. Another reason I spent a lot of time working on cards and listening to books–I calm down when I listen and work on cards. I stopped worrying so much about the state of the world and regained calmness…lol.

Do you like listening to audiobooks? If you do, when do you listen? Did the state of the world bother you last year? If so, how did you cope?

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5 thoughts on “Audiobooks aid my card creation”

  1. I hadn’t listened to many audiobooks until about three years ago, but now there are books I’d rather listen to in audio. Audiobooks are expensive so I’m really happy when I can find them at the library. I also have found a lot I like on Audible during the Deal of the Day. I hope you get a chance to try some audiobooks, Sarah!


  2. I’m more in the middle about liking or disliking audiobooks now. The problem for me is finding the right activity to pair an audiobook with doing. I really need to find something that’s mindless enough that I can pay attention to the audiobook. I love that you listen to audiobooks while making cards.


    1. Thanks, Carrie. It’s really great that I can listen to audiobooks while I make cards. The cardmaking is really satisfying and I’ve found some really good authors and narrators. I hope you can find the right activity for your audiobooks.


  3. Those cards are so pretty!! ❤ I haven't come around to listening so many audiobooks but I'm glad you could find your peace and regain calmness while listening to a good book and crafting simultaneously. It's amazing and definitely great for your creative mind 😀


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