My return to blogging with slightly new directions

My return

I realize I’veĀ been absent from this blog for a while. I lost my desire to blog plus I’ve been busy. November and December are always the busiest months in our family. And I love all the family time and activities. I’ve spent January thinking about what I want to do with my blog and now I’m ready to begin again. I’m reinventing my blog just a little.

February is a good time to restart. It’s a cold day today (9 degrees at the moment), but a beautiful blue sky day just like the one below showing our backyard on New Year’s.

January 2018 backyard

I’m eager to return to my blog and blog friends. I’ve read some blogs during my hiatus, but not done much commenting. I’ve read books during my time off and that’s always a good thing. I managed to meet my 2017 Goodreads goal of 100 books which makes me happy. My 2018 goal is to read 90 books and I’m on-track for that.

New Directions

I plan to take my blog in a slightly new direction. I will keep my name, because let’s face it–I am a Readerholic! I don’t feel quite right unless I have a book I’m reading and thinking about.

However, I plan to talk more about some of my other interests–making greeting cards–usually using paper, rubber stamps and die cuts while listening to audiobooks while I create; my genealogy and family history research; perhaps some cooking and baking; and whatever else catches my interest.

A watercolor in progress on a pre-stamped card

I still plan to talk about books, but I probably won’t review the books I read though I may write a few lines about why I liked or didn’t like the book. That will be my goal anyway. I plan to participate in a few memes to talk about books and I want to write more opinion pieces–sometimes about books and sometimes not.

I’m going to see how it all goes. I’m giving myself permission not to review books and go in whatever direction I feel like going. I want to get the joy and fun back in my blogging. I hope some of my blogging friends come along with me, but I realize I’ve been gone–and never said I was stopping or whether I was returning. I just stopped communicating and I’m sorry about that. I understand if you’re not interested in returning or in following my new directions.

Plan to Reevaluate

I plan to reevaluate after about six months and see what I’m enjoying and what isn’t working for me, because at the end of the day this blog isn’t a business. I’m not making any money from it (no affiliates or advertising). I’m no longer accepting free e-Arcs from NetGalley. (I stopped that nearly a year ago in 2017.) I love having followers and people comment just as I love to read and comment about what other bloggers are doing, but I need to do what makes me happy–otherwise I won’t continue blogging. If people stop following and commenting I will either have to find a new audience or continue for my own enjoyment!

What do you think? Are you still enjoying your blog? (I hope so!) Can you tell if a blogger is enjoying what they’re writing about?