Sunday Post: November 12


Kimberly hosts the Sunday Post each week. I like to take part because it gives me an opportunity to look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also love to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.


Veterans Day

It was Veterans Day on Saturday which made me think of my family who’ve been in the military. I don’t have photos of all these family members, but I’ve added a few of the photos I do have.

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My dad and two of his three brothers were in WWII. My oldest daughter was in the Army stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar as well as stateside. My husband and I were in the Air Force. My father-in-law was in the Army in one of the first airborne units. And one of my grandfathers was in the Spanish-American War in 1900. Veterans Day also makes me think about the veterans who came back from war wounded in spirit or physically who need our support.

Videos and Thanksgiving
My sister-in-law reading to my two daughters

My older daughter came for a visit this weekend and we’ve had so much fun. We cooked a big fish dinner Saturday night with salmon, halibut and shrimp our daughter caught when she went to Alaska a couple of months ago to visit relatives. My husband is working on a project to get some of our family videos copied to DVDs. We watched one from when our kids were 6, 4 and 1. It was so much fun to watch and we all laughed a lot. The photo at the right is from the DVD (taken with my daughter’s cell phone as it was playing on the TV!)

We plan to get a few more videos copied especially ones showing the family at Thanksgiving so that we can take it to our Thanksgiving celebration. My husband’s family has a very large Thanksgiving  celebration every year. This has gone on for over 50 years with my husband’s family. My younger daughter has taken over the planning to make sure things run smoothly. We have lots of activities, traditions and food. I love that the younger generation wants to continue the traditions.


I’ve had fun reading holiday books for the HoHoHo Readathon. I’ve finished two so far, am reading two more and want to start a couple more soon though I haven’t had much time for reading this weekend.

Last week
Next week
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My books

What I’m reading

Murder Goes Mumming by Charlotte MacLeod

Classics of Childhood, Vol. 3: A Christmas Collection

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

What I’ve read

Bayou Born by Hailey Edwards

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas by Agatha Christie

Christmas on Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball

Books I got this week

Tied Up in Tinsel by Ngaio Marsh

Murder Goes Mumming by Charlotte MacLeod (library ebook)

The Broken Token by Chris Nickson

What did you do last week? What did you read? What books did you collect?