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! I thought I had an audio freebie so I chose to write about “Listening to podcasts.”

Most of the podcasts are book related, but I have included a few podcasts about other subjects. Most are used as another way for a company–National Public Radio, BookRiot, The New York Times– to reach their audience, but a few are done by one or two individuals and not affiliated with anyone else.

I haven’t listened to podcasts like Serial–mostly because I don’t like true crime and the ones I’ve heard about are true crime stories. However, I might change my mind in the future!

The book-related podcasts

The Readers

A UK podcast talking about the books the podcasters read. For example, one podcast talks about what makes a modern classic. Sometimes they also talk about what they’ve done (one podcaster recently got back from a trip to Africa). On their website they usually have a list of the books they talk about during each episode.


All the Books

This long running weekly BookRiot podcast talks about the new releases coming out that week. And then later in the week there is a short podcast about backlist books.

I like this podcast because they talk about a variety of books I probably wouldn’t hear about otherwise.


The Book Review Podcast

This is a weekly podcast about all kinds of books from The New York Times Book Review. Titles from recent weeks: “Notes From a Crazy Campaign Trail,” “The Joys of Children’s Literature” and “The World of Jane Austen Fans.”


Two guys who podcast once a week about the books they’ve meant to read–sometimes classics, sometimes something obscure. The September schedule–“Little Women by Louisa May Alcott,” “Girl at War by Sara Nović,” “The Traitor by Michael Cisco,” “Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding.”


Read or Dead

This BookRiot mystery podcast only has eight episodes so far, but good subjects. The latest episode is a Steven King themed episode.


Speaking of Mysteries

Mystery author interviews about their new books. Some of the interviewed authors whose books I’ve read–Laurie King, S.J. Rozan, Craig Johnson, Rhys Bowen and C.J. Box.

Crime Time Podcast

This Australian podcast has been around for a couple of years and features talk about crime fiction and some author interviews. I like that the podcast is from Australia. However, the two podcasters must not have a very good system because I have trouble hearing them even with my sound turned all the way up. Thus, I don’t listen to this podcast regularly.

SFF Yeah!

Another BookRiot podcast with just eight episodes, but this science fiction and fantasy themed podcast has some really good subjects. For example, “Chocolate and then Space Travel” talks about award news, female authors, a Kickstarter campaign and middle grade science fiction and fantasy.


Science Fiction Book Review Podcast

Luke Burrage has been podcasting about the science fiction he reads since 2008. He reviews the science fiction as he reads them so there isn’t a set schedule, but there’s usually at least one podcast a week.

I haven’t found very many science fiction podcasts. Plus a lot of podcasts might talk about books and authors, but don’t actually review the books. Plus Mr. Burrage is British, lives in Berlin (at least when he started the podcasts) and he made his living as a juggler!

And the rest . . .

Pop Culture Happy Hour

A podcast about books, movies, TV shows, music and whatever else they want to talk about! In some episodes they do talk about books which is always enjoyable. I just listened to the Fall TV preview podcast and that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed getting some ideas for new shows. Of course, one they mentioned that I’m already looking forward to is the new Star Trek show. I think that starts next week!



This is one of my very favorite podcasts. Documentaries–often science-based–on  . These stories are so interesting. They sometimes update their stories. For example, earlier this year an update was done about a story RadioLab had done earlier about CRISPR. I think CRISPR is so interesting.

It’s been almost two years since we learned about CRISPR, a ninja-assassin-meets-DNA-editing-tool that has been billed as one of the most powerful, and potentially controversial, technologies ever discovered by scientists.

“From Tree to Shining Tree” is one of my favorite episodes.

Science Vs

I really like this podcast. It “takes on fads, trends, and the opinionated mob to find out what’s fact, what’s not, and what’s somewhere in between.” The two September episodes–“Vaccine – Are They Safe?” and “Detoxing & Cleanses – Do They Work?” I’m really skeptical of so many claims made by people who don’t know much about science. This podcast looks at both sides of an issue.

A podcast I plan to listen to

36 Questions

This is a three-part musical podcast featuring a couple who are on the brink of divorce and use 36 questions designed to make strangers fall in love.

I found this when I was checking to see if there were other podcasts I should be listening to. This podcast is very different from any of the other podcasts I’ve talked about in this post.

Do you listen to podcasts? What podcasts do you enjoy?

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  1. I love podcasts! Lately I’ve been in a history and true crime mood and have been listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class, The History Chicks, True Crime Garage, and The Vanished. I love The Readers! I really like All the Books but after Liberty heavily recommended a book I really hated I’ve been a little hesitant on them!


    1. Oh, I will have to try those podcasts, Katherine. They sound good. I might try a true crime podcast it it’s not too graphic or about a serial killer. I don’t like being scared. And I know what you mean about a heavily recced book that you hate. It does make me more cautious about what they say.


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