Review: Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon

Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon

Series: Vatta’s Peace #1

Publication date: April 11 in the US; April 13 in the UK

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The UK cover

Science Fiction

After nearly a decade away, Nebula Award–winning author Elizabeth Moon makes a triumphant return to science fiction with this installment in a thrilling new series featuring the daring hero of her acclaimed Vatta’s War sequence.

Summoned to the home planet of her family’s business empire, space-fleet commander Kylara Vatta is told to expect a hero’s welcome. But instead she is thrown into danger unlike any other she has faced and finds herself isolated, unable to communicate with the outside world, commanding a motley group of unfamiliar troops, and struggling day by day to survive in a deadly environment with sabotaged gear. Only her undeniable talent for command can give her ragtag band a fighting chance.

Yet even as Ky leads her team from one crisis to another, her family and friends refuse to give up hope, endeavoring to mount a rescue from halfway around the planet—a task that is complicated as Ky and her supporters find secrets others will kill to protect: a conspiracy infecting both government and military that threatens not only her own group’s survival but her entire home planet.


I have read most of Elizabeth Moon’s books through the years and love them. She writes really good stories and a lot of them are military science fiction which is what the Vatta’s War series is as well as the start of this new series (Vatta’s Peace). Elizabeth Moon served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps so she has a good knowledge of the military and uses that very well in her military science fiction.

BTW, I like both the covers, but I think the UK cover is especially nice. What about you? Which cover is your favorite?

Read Vatta’s War series first?

It’s been awhile since I read the last book in the Vatta’s War series and reading this book made me want to go back and reread that series! I think that will be one of my goals while I wait for the next book in the Vatta’s Peace series! I think a person who hasn’t read the Vatta’s War series can begin with this book, but if you read the Vatta’s War series first there are things you will understand better and this book will be richer and the backstory more understandable. Also reading this book will give away some of what happens during the Vatta’s War series.

My thoughts

Ky is now an Admiral as well as founder and commander of Space Defense Force, but most of this book takes place on the planet with Ky stranded in a very inhospitable place when her shuttle is sabotaged and crashes. The odds are against her and her fellow survivors living through the crash let alone surviving when they’re not found quickly, but Ky is very good at surviving. However, there are no communications in this area of the planet (near a failed terraforming continent). They’ve crashed into the ocean and the weather is very harsh (think Antarctica and its surrounding ocean in the winter) with the nearest military base far away and perhaps saboteurs among the survivors.

Ky is very much alone as she attempts to lead the survivors and keep everyone alive long enough for a rescue. She doesn’t know whom she can trust and no one lives near the area of the planet they crash in. This is very much a story of survival against all odds. Her family and friends don’t know if she is alive or not, but they continue to hope. However, most people both on planet and off assume all aboard the shuttle are dead.

The book alternates between Ky and her group, family and friends both on and off planet and her command structure in the Space Defense Force. I enjoyed all these POVs, but mostly wanted to know what was happening with Ky and how she would survive. Ky and her group move from crisis to crisis and there are lots of tense moments. She’s very ingenious and has a definite gift for command. No one knows for sure how far the sabotage goes or who’s involved. The Vatta family has been a target before and no one is sure they really found everyone involved in earlier conspiracies. Is this a new threat, an old threat or both?

A very good series beginning. This book is a complete story, but by the end there’s lots of room for more adventures. I’m hoping the next book has more of Ky and her friends and allies together. And more on her ship in space again.

My rating: B+

Have you read any of Elizabeth Moon’s science fiction? Or her fantasy?






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5 thoughts on “Review: Cold Welcome by Elizabeth Moon”

  1. Great review, Jan:). Yes – I loved this series but my favourite is Speed of Dark about an autistic protagonist and it is one of my all-time favourite science fiction reads…


  2. Has it really been ten years since she published? I see her stuff everywhere and had no idea she had taken such a hiatus.


    1. Nathan, I think that it’s 10 years since she published books about Ky Vatta. She has written fantasy books in the Paksennarion (sp?) world most recently.


  3. I love the UK cover as well! I liked the US one, but I think the UK one captures the story really well.

    I’m with you – I’m not one for multiple POVs usually, so had a sinking feeling when I realised there were different POVs in this book. However, it worked here, and I guess staying with Ky’s POV would have made it really claustrophobic.

    (I haven’t read SPEED OF DARK either, adding to my to-read list!)


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