Road Trip–Glacier National Park

My husband and I have been on a road trip for about 10 days now. We’ve had many adventures and seen beautiful places. I posted photos and some commentary earlier in the week (Mammoths and Black Hills) from our first major stop.

Our second major stop we visited Glacier National Park in northern Montana and had a beautiful day to see the mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, waterfalls….

We decided to travel on the Going to the Sun Road which I heard about through the years, but I figured it had gotten wider and easier to drive on through the years. Maybe it has, but it’s still a narrow, twisty road that’s kind of scary some of the time as well as a road that shows beautiful scenery. Next time maybe we would let someone else do the driving since we saw cool, red buses on the road!

We reached the top of mountain pass and found a bit of roadside snow from earlier in the week. There is a visitor’s center and lots of trails to walk further into the mountains. A little earlier in the day there were mountain goats visible, but they had gone around to the other side of the mountain. Then we started down the mountain.

And down the mountain we went! This side was shorter which we were glad of! But the views were no less spectacular. Near the bottom was a beautiful lake and then we were outside the park.

We drove around the bottom side of the park from east to west back to our hotel. However, I saw a shortcut which we took. Of course, that turned out to be an unmaintained road with open range cattle and horses. Which we did see! Again it was a narrow, twisty road with drop offs, but pretty scenery!

We drove about seven hours on these roads. We were happy we’d seen Glacier National Park. The scenery is spectacular, but we were exhausted when we got back to the hotel.

On to Canada and Banff National Park.