No wireless = Frustration

My internet has been out much of the week. Sometimes I have a 15-minute block when it’s working after I reset the modem, but sometimes 0-5 minutes.

I’ve worked with the internet company, but so far they haven’t been much help. My techy daughter tried talking to them on Friday afternoon, but we were on the phone for two hours and they kept switching us back and forth between two departments with neither one helping.

I haven’t had the internet up long enough to get blog posts completed, comments made or read other people’s blogs. I’m hoping this post will get published, The week was frustrating as I tried to post, comment, go to websites and all sorts of other internet stuff and was unable to do much of anything.

Of course, the holiday weekend doesn’t help either. I’m hoping I can get someone at the internet company to help today. Fingers crossed I get this posted!

Yay! Internet working so far!!