A funny thing happened

. . .  on my way to catch up with the October Daye series. a-red-rose-chain

But I’m not laughing.

I’ve had a frustrating week. Just a series of different things happening. Reading the wrong book is just one of those frustrations!

The October Daye series by Seanan McGuire is one of my favorite series, but I’ve fallen behind. I knew I already had the books I needed to catch up and I knew a new book was coming out in the series so it was time to start reading.

Late one night after I finished a book I decided to figure out which book to read in this series. I could have sworn I checked the last book I reviewed in the series and Goodreads. And I figured out A Red-Rose Chain was the book to read. I must have been dreaming!

The book grabbed me immediately. But now and then I thought . . . “I don’t remember when that happened.” However, I dismissed that little discomfort by thinking . . . “it’s been awhile since I read this series and I’ve just forgotten certain parts.”

the-winter-longHowever, as I got further into the book the discomfort became more insistent. I decided I’d better check again and sure enough I hadn’t read the book before A Red-Rose Chain.

I hadn’t read book number 8–The Winter Long . . . I already have it on my Kindle and it was waiting patiently for me to figure out my problem.

So now I’m part way through A Red-Rose Chain and enjoying it, but I think I really need to put it aside and read The Winter Long.

It starts out with great opening sentences:

The woods were dark, filled with strange shadows. They twisted and swirled independent of any light source, making the space beneath the towering sequoias look treacherous and wild.

However, I haven’t read much more than that and haven’t read more in A Red-Rose Chain either. I had another book I was reading (I often read several books at once) and I finished that (A Brutal Telling by Louise Penny).

And as I said this was a frustrating week. Starting the wrong book just added to my frustrations and I haven’t come to terms with it yet. 😦

So I hope to read The Winter Long soon so I can get back to A Red-Rose Chain!

Maybe I’ll read another book in between–space things out more . . . .

Has this ever happened to you? Have you accidentally started reading the wrong book in a series? What did you do about it?





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6 thoughts on “A funny thing happened”

  1. OMG, I just did that not too long ago with a mystery series I am catching up on. I so thought I had the right book but then I was like…wait, when did that happen. I kept going and wasn’t real hindered by the fact that I missed the book before it but when I found out that is what I did I was so mad…had to go immediately and read the one I missed. I hate reading out of order so it kept bothering me till I fixed it…lol.


    1. In some ways I wish I had just kept reading! Now I don’t want to read either book too much…lol. I’m reading a few other books first.


  2. I’ve had that happen before and it is so frustrating! I’ve also had a time or two where I don’t realize I’ve already read a book until I’m halfway through. Obviously it wasn’t a very memorable story!


    1. I’ve had books where I’ve thought I red them before, too, Katherine. Sometimes it’s just a plot that seems familiar and other times I have read the book. Like you say . . . not very memorable.


  3. Oh gosh, I’ve done that before and did exactly what you did – park the current book and go get the previous one. Hopefully you are now back on track with the right Toby Daye book!


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