My bookworm delights

Top Ten

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This week I’m talking about the bookworm delights that make my reading more fun.DSC_0139

My new chair

  • I found a slightly damaged chair which I’ve put into a small room in our new house. I’m making this room my reading room! And the chair is the first part of that process. It sits in front of window where I can watch birds. I plan to put bird feeders outside to help bring more birds to watch. The cats will love that, too!

A beautiful cover

  • I love finding a beautiful cover on a book. One of the first things I notice about a book and a book with an interesting. fun or beautiful cover is one I’ll give a second look. Sometimes the cover doesn’t translate into a book I like or one that is for me, but a great cover is a wonderful piece of art even if I don’t read the book!

Bloggers I can talk to about books

  • I love getting recommendations from other bloggers. I love finding bloggers who read the same types of books I read or bloggers who read a different type of book who convince me to try a new type of book or author. Or bloggers who have interesting discussions.

Finding a book that makes me happy I know how to read

  • The reason I love to read–that book that gives me joy. The book that brings a smile to my face, makes me laugh out loud, that I don’t want to finish because I’m loving it so much. Yet I can’t stop reading it! Such great feelings.


Book cups

  • I have several cups I call my “book cups.” I have a guilty secret–I love collecting cups to drink my coffee and tea from. The “book cups” make it twice as good!

Reading with a cat on my lap

  • A wonderful way to spend an hour or two–petting a cat and reading a good book!

Reading when it’s raining or snowing

  • And with a cat or two on my lap. And if it’s cold with a fire in the fireplace. So cozy to read when the weather makes me want to stay inside.

A cup of coffee, a cup of tea20160425_093010

  • I love to have a cup of coffee or tea while I read.

My Kindle

  • I have to admit a love affair with my Kindle. I love that I can easily carry it in my purse, that I can carry hundreds of books around, that I can buy a book and have it to read within seconds, that I have a light that makes it easy to read at night, that I can make the text larger or smaller, that I can instantly look up a word or search for a phrase or mark a phrase I like.

Reading in bed

  • I love to read a good book in bed–especially at night if I wake up and have a good book to read! That’s bliss. Sometimes I even find myself waking up and thinking about the book I’m reading. I have to read it if I’m going to get back to sleep…lol.

And an extra bookworm delight


  • I love the computer age! I can search for great books to read on so many different sites on the internet. It’s wonderful. And I can keep a spreadsheet of the books I’ve read, the authors I want to try, the books I own and want to read in the next couple of months. I love having a computer!!

What about you? What are your bookworm delights?