Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd

death-comes-to-londonDeath Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd
Series: Kurland St.Mary series #2
Genre: Historical Mystery
Setting: London and Kurland St. Mary in England, 1817
Published by Kensington, 2014
Library book
259 pages
Grade: B+
Synopsis: A season in London promises a welcome change of pace for two friends from the village of Kurland St. Mary until murder makes a debut. With the reluctant blessings of their father, the rector of Kurland St. Mary, Lucy Harrington and her sister Anna leave home for a social season in London. At the same time, Lucy’s special friend Major Robert Kurland is summoned to the city to accept a baronetcy for his wartime heroism.

Amidst the dizzying whirl of balls and formal dinners, the focus shifts from mixing and matchmaking to murder when the dowager Countess of Broughton, the mother of an old army friend of Robert, drops dead. When it’s revealed she’s been poisoned, Robert’s former betrothed, Miss Chingford, is accused, and she in turn points a finger at Anna. To protect her sister, Lucy enlists Robert’s aid in drawing out the true culprit.

But with suspects ranging from resentful rivals and embittered family members to the toast of the ton, it will take all their sleuthing skills to unmask the poisoner before more trouble is stirred up.

London was far more tiring and intimidating than Lucy had expected. As the Hathaways had engaged an extremely competent staff, she also had very little to do, which was disconcerting in itself. Apparently, living like a young lady at home was remarkably boring.


His assumption that the accumulated wisdom of generations of women was untrustworthy was slightly annoying, but not uncommon in this age of new science. Apparently, in order to be considered worthy, everything had to be proved anew. It seemed ridiculous to her. If willow bark cured a headache, and had done so for centuries, then why would one suddenly doubt it? It was typical of men to rewrite something just for the sake of it.

Initial impressions

  • The second book in this series continued to make me laugh sometimes and read quickly through the suspenseful parts.

The story

  • This book begins a few months after the end of the first book.
  • Lucy Harrington and her sister Anna leave for London for the season in hopes of finding husbands.
  • Much to his dismay Major Robert Kurland is summoned to London to receive a baronetcy for his heroism in the war.
  • They are all at Almack’s when a dowager Countess suddenly collapses and dies. It looks like poison and Major Kurland and Lucy Harrington again work together to solve the mystery.


  • I read the first book in this series late last year and enjoyed the story and characters a lot.
  • The London setting is well done and though Lucy would like to find someone to marry she isn’t very happy to be in London. She finds it boring–at least until a murder happens–and she misses the countryside.
  • I like the characters in this series–Lucy, Robert, Anna, Sophia (Lucy’s friend)–even Robert’s former betrothed, Miss Chingford, is interesting and irritating at the same time.
  • There’s some romance in the book since Lucy, Anna and Sophia are in London all trying to find husbands. Of course, after the first book I expected Lucy and Robert to finally wake up and discover each other, but though they make some progress I wondered when or if it  would happen!


  • Major Kurland comes across as curmudgeonly and ill-mannered sometimes in this book–especially in his interactions with Lucy. He doesn’t understand that spending so much time with her might ruin her chances of finding a husband.

And concluding thoughts . . .

  • I had the third book in the series and I’ve already read it, too. I hope she writes a fourth book very soon!

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

Author info

  • (from Goodreads): Catherine Lloyd was born just outside London, England, into a large family of dreamers, artists, and history lovers. She completed her education with a master’s degree in history at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, and uses the skills she gained there to research and write her historical mysteries. Catherine currently lives in Hawaii with her husband and youngest daughter….

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  1. Is this a Regency-era mystery series, or Victorian? I’ve seen it and been intrigued; I would very much like to read it. And your review has only solidified that for me. I’ll have to see if my library has them.


    1. This is set in the Regency period. I got two of the books from my library so that worked out well for me. I hope you find the book and enjoy reading it, Lark!


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