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I’m participating in the Beyond the Books meme when I can think of answers to the questions! I like finding out more about other bloggers. It’s fun to share a few non-bookish things about ourselves. This week the topic is a look at my new town.

I’ve been in Des Moines about two weeks now. I don’t have a tour of the town yet, but we’ve been a couple places since we moved here.

Note: I just got internet so I was able to complete this post! It will take a while before I catch up on my comments, but I’ll work at it.

Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

The photos above are of the tropical plant part inside the geodesic-domed conservatory built in 1979. It is 80 feet tall and 150 feet wide with  plants, paths and seating areas.

There are also extensive outdoor gardens with plantings which will grow in this area. I’m looking forward to exploring the plantings to get ideas for our yard.

We visited and joined the botanical garden the first weekend we arrived here in Des Moines. And it’s wonderful! I know we will spend many wonderful hours here. They have classes, a wonderful garden shop (where I already bought some stuff), a cafe and at the beginning of May a plant sale I’m looking forward to going to.

Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge


A pedestrian bridge along Center Street renamed the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge in 2013 to honor Iowa women who have made significant achievements to Iowa and around the world. Downtown Des Moines is on both sides of the river.

Chinese Cultural Center of America & Robert D. Ray Asian Gardens

This park is just south of the botanical gardens along the Des Moines River. There’s also a Riverwalk along both sides of the river which I’m going to enjoy exploring since there are parks, fountains, an ice skating rink in winter, gardens with sculptures and more.

Downtown Des Moines has experienced a resurgence in recent years with many new restaurants, parks and a wonderful multi-block farmers market. I’m going to have so much fun exploring my new town.

What about you? What do you love (or dislike) about your town?

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9 thoughts on “Beyond the books–A look at my new town”

  1. Ok can I ask how do you pronounce Des Moines. I ask because I read a lot of Bill Bryson books and he is from there and I never know if I am saying it right!

    It looks like a lovely city!

    Thanks for sharing!!


    1. The “S” is silent in both words–so Di Moin–is how it’s pronounced. I didn’t realize Bill Bryson is from here. I like his writing, too.

      And it is a great city!


  2. Oh how fun! I love the bridge and getting a glimpse of Iowa. My family settled there after leaving Ireland and I’ve been wanting to go see where they lived so I Iowa is on my list of tips to take soon. I like seeing a peek at Des Moines ahead of time.


    1. So interesting your family settled here after leaving Ireland, Katherine. I’m really liking Iowa. Lots to do and lots of history to enjoy.


  3. I didn’t know there was a bridge there celebrating women’s achievements, that’s really cool! Great pictures, make me want to visit the city!


    1. I agree that it’s really cool they have such a beautiful bridge celebrating women’s achievements. It’s a city with lots to offer I think.


  4. I love botanical gardens! My mother and I used to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show every year when I was young. Gosh, moving to a new city must be exciting. Exploring is going to be fun. I have never been to Iowa. Hopefully someday I will get there.


    1. I’m very excited to spend more time at the botanical gardens here. I’m excited to explore more of Iowa especially after my husband arrives the first part of July.


  5. It’s great to have you in the midwest and so happy to you are enjoying it!

    Des Moines is a great city and it will be fun to explore!


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