Beyond the books–Things I miss about being a kid


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I’m participating in the Beyond the Books meme when I can think of answers to the questions! I like finding out more about other bloggers. It’s fun to share a few non-bookish things about ourselves. This week the topic is things I miss about being a kid.

Small town living

I grew up in a small town and walked or rode my bike all over town. A great feeling of freedom.

Freedom to wander

Living on a hill.  We lived on a hill on the last road above the town and there were only a few houses around us. (Now that hill is completely covered with houses and the town and county have grown and grown.) There weren’t too many kids living close to us, but there were two sisters around my age and we played together a lot when we weren’t in school. In the summer we often met up early in the morning and wandered the hillside all day long–not coming home until dinner sometimes.

Wandering with my dog. Sometimes I would wander the hillside with just my dog. She was a Brittany Spaniel (similar to a Springer Spaniel) and she loved to run along the hillside. Occasionally we would scare a deer or rabbit and off she would go!

Sledding. Since we lived on a hill when there was snow the sledding was great. Lots of kids would come around our hill to sled and we sometimes stayed all day long.

The cliff and river. We lived a couple blocks from a cliff with a river at the bottom. We weren’t supposed to go there, but, of course, we did! We found ways to climb around on the rocks, climb down to the river (which was deep and swift) and play by the river. (Makes me shudder now thinking about my kids around something like that at that age.) I remember once picking a bunch of cattails to give to my Mom. When I got back home it dawned on me that the cattails  only grew along and in the water. If I gave them to Mom she would know where I had been. So I took them apart until there was fuzz all over the grass. I remember Mom and Dad wondering what in the world had gotten into the yard! Of course, I didn’t say a word.


Since we lived on a hill we could see for miles. I loved watching storms rolling in. That’s how it looked–like the weather was rolling closer and closer. I miss seeing the weather like that.

The wonder of summer

Summers were the very best. Long days outside. The weather was usually warm after a cold night. I loved laying on my back on the grass just watching the sky and the clouds–seeing shapes in the clouds– and daydreaming. Maybe falling asleep in the warm sun. I would sometimes sleep outside on a summer night on our deck under the stars–looking at all the stars. Having one of our cats (indoor-outdoor cats) come and sleep with me. That was bliss.

The library

Reading. Another vivid memory is visiting the library with my Mom (and then having her read the books to me) when I was small and walking to the library myself when I was older. I loved to spend hours just walking through the aisles smelling the books…lol…and browsing and finding new authors and books to read. Even though I spent a lot of time outside I managed to read a lot, too.

Many other memories

Of course, there are many more memories–learning to cook and bake, camping in the mountains during the summer, fishing with my parents, visiting my grandparents who lived on a ranch and riding horseback with my cousins.

So many great memories! What about you? What did you like best about being a kid?