Sunday Post: Mar 20


This is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Last Week–home and blog

First Day of Spring

And it’s cold! Down to 34 degrees Saturday night and only around 40 degrees during the day on Sunday. However, by Tuesday it gets warmer again so I guess that is typical of spring–some days cooler and some days warmer. Our daffodils are blooming and I see yellow forsythia in bloom everywhere. Yellow daffodils and forsythia are the signs of spring as far as I’m concerned.

Less than 2 weeks and counting…

And still packing, but making progress.

The blog

I’ve gotten some posts written, but haven’t answered many comments or visited many blogs. I love all your comments and will continue to visit blogs as time permits during the next two weeks. Once we actually get moved I hope to have more time as I gradually unpack.

I have a number of reviews to write, too. I still manage to read whenever I have a free moment!

Blog posts

My books

What I’m reading
  • Arena by Holly Jennings
What I read last week
  • Death Comes to London by Catherine Lloyd
  • Death Comes to Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd
  • ‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick
New–Books, E-books, NetGalley, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library

No new books this week!

Next Week–home & blog

Sorting, packing, reading and regular life continues. I’m trying to stay caught up with my blog.

Blog posts

  • Waiting on Wednesday: Mar 23
  • Beyond the Books: Things I miss about being a kid
  • Review: A Muddied Murder by Wendy Tyson
  • Sunday Post

What did you do last week? What books did you collect? What are you planning?

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Mar 20”

  1. It sounds like you’re doing a great job – balancing the reading and reviewing with all of your packing. Don’t stress too much about blog reading. We’ll all be here when you’ve moved and gotten settled!


  2. It got cold here as well. It was 70 earlier in the week, then this morning? 28 degrees! Next week back to 70. Spring is probably my least favorite season! Good luck with the packing/moving!


  3. We are having cool nights and warm days (near the desert, so it happens). We hope to move further away from it this summer. 99% certain it will happen but a financial monkeywrench was just tossed our way, so we’ll see.

    Good luck with the move. Try to relax– I know that’s not easy. I applaud you being able to read, review and post this close to the big day. I haven’t read your books listed above, so I’ll check them out 🙂


  4. You have been busy but it’s good to find some time to read and relax. But don’t worry about the blog. I’ve been busy with work and family so we all understand. I’m working on my Beyond the Books post for this week. I have a lot of things I miss about being a kid lol. I hope you have a great week!


  5. Progress all around. I cannot imagine moving and trying to blog etc. So go easy on yourself. Our weather sounds a lot like yours. we are in the heat off, heat on stage. The next two week is a roller coaster of temps! Have a delightful week 🙂


  6. Glad to hear things are coming together and that you’ve had some time to read 🙂 I wouldn’t worry about keeping up too much with the blog – everyone knows by now how busy you are!


  7. Yikes that is cold. I love spring but yeah the mornings can be chilly, no doubt. Waiting for the big warm up. 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing great on packing, and getting a little bloggy time in too. I agree all the blooming stuff is a sure sign that spring is on the way!

    The death Comes To books look interesting…


  8. Only two weeks to go! Time has flown since you fist mentioned moving! It got cold here today and will be 38 tonight. We also start warming back up Tuesday and I believe that’s the last blast of winter for us.


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