My fear–Insects aka bugs


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I’ve decided to do the Beyond the Books meme sometimes, because I like finding out more about other bloggers. It’s fun to share a few non-bookish things about ourselves. This week the topic is a fear I have.

My fear–insects aka bugs

When I read this topic I immediately thought of bugs. I have other fears, of course, but even though I don’t think about this very often (unless I see bugs in my house!) it is one of my oldest fears.

It started early. I was just a toddler when I sat in a red ant pile. (I think these were harvester ants not fire ants.) My mother told me I even had ants between my toes and had bites from the ants all over me. I had nightmares for years about giant ants walking around outside our house ready to carry me away! I still don’t like ants very well though most of the ants I meet today don’t bite!

I really dislike most insects. I know spiders do a lot of good and as long as they stay outside they can live! If they come inside my house and I see them I try to get my husband to kill them for me. If he’s not around then I will do it–especially if I see the spider in our bedroom. I have trouble sleeping if I know I have a spider in the bedroom. And I don’t want to see cockroaches ever–inside or outside our house.

I take this phobia–this fear–to the point of telling my husband I never want to live further south than where we are now–in Maryland…lol. And I’m happy we are moving to Iowa where the winters are cold enough to kill lots of insects each winter.

There are a few insects I don’t mind–butterflies, ladybugs (however, not the Asian version), dragonflies (my brother studies them so I’ve gotten up close and personal many times!) However, I’m not wild about a lot of other bugs when I’m gardening or sitting outside.

I have to admit writing this post about spiders and ants and cockroaches made me anxious! I decided I couldn’t even put photos of them in my post.

What about you? What is one of your fears?

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10 thoughts on “My fear–Insects aka bugs”

  1. Bugs don’t really bother me though both ants and mosquito bites make me swell up to the point I think I might be allergic. My oldest son hates spiders with a passion. He’s more vengeful now about killing them but when he was little he would completely come unglued! This is the one who has enlisted with the Marines. We tease him occasionally that he’s not going to be stationed in bug free areas! I think the ant incident would have scarred me for life as well. How awful!


    1. I’m pretty good these days with keeping my cool, but every now and then I still lose it…lol. Oh, yes, your son may come across some bugs in the Marines. My dad was a Marine in the South Pacific during WWWII and I think his stories about walking through the jungles scarred me for life!


  2. I hate ALL bugs! Even ladybugs. One time, my husband and I were in the car and a ladybug was on his hat and I had a freakin’ heart attack. And of course, being a boy, he found it hilarious so he would shove his hat closer to me. I covered myself with a blanket and was just screaming until he finally got it out of the car. Seriously, my fear is ridiculous. I hate even reading outside because there are just TOO many bugs. I don’t like that you can’t feel them when they land or crawl on you sometimes. And that they’re small. I saw a video of a guy who got a moth stuck in his ear…IN HIS EAR!!!! Just. I can’t.


    1. Guys can be so irritating sometimes. Always makes me want to retaliate some way! I know my fear is ridiculous, too, Molly, but I agree sometimes the bugs outside are just too much.


  3. OMG! I can imagine sitting on an ant pile as a kid would cause trauma. Sorry to hear it has carried through to your adult years. I don’t even want to imagine how you might conquer a fear like that. Better to just avoid them altogether.


  4. I am not a fan of bugs either. Hate ’em LOL. Spiders gotta go- if I see one in the house it’s dead meat. Any bug in the house really… ants I’m not super fond of either, since they got in the house once, but spiders are the worst. they’re fine if they’re outside. Just too many legs… 🙂


    1. I really don’t like the big, fast moving spiders or the ones that jump or any other! You’re right, Greg–way too many legs.


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