Sunday Post: Feb 28


This is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Last Week–home and blog

Not much going on here other than working on our move…sorry. And some reading…lol.

The move countdown–March is the month

This week I donated a number of my cookbooks. I’ve collected those in the past, too! And I still have plenty I’ve packed to move with me though….

The house is looking emptier as we move boxes, bookcases and other furniture out to the garage.

Lots on my to-do lists still!

The blog

I’m managing to write posts, keep up with my netgalley books and read books. Trying to get more posts ahead.

Blog posts

My books

What I’m reading

  • A Useful Woman by Darcie Wilde

What I read last week

  • Admiral by Sean Danker
  • Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima
  • Reading Up a Storm by Eva Gates

New–Books, E-books, NetGalley, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library



  • None



Interesting on the internet

Next Week–home & blog

Sorting and packing and regular life continues.

I’m reading lots of good books so far this year so every extra moment I read!

Blog posts

  • End of month reading challenge updates
  • March books on my list
  • Waiting on Wednesday: Mar 2
  • Beyond the Books: A fear I have
  • Review: Killing Trail by Margaret Mizushima
  • Sunday Post

What did you do last week? What books did you collect? What are you planning?

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Feb 28”

  1. Moving is exhausting. My husband and I are hoping to find a house and move in May or June and for every bit of excitement, there is equal amount of dread for the packing! But that is cool that even with all that you are still blogging and reading! Best of luck!


    1. The move is starting to stress me out, but I’m trying to keep in mind the end result! I hope your house hunt goes well, Samantha. That’s stressful, too. And I’m using my blogging and reading to escape the packing sometimes!


  2. Good luck with getting everything ready to move! I try to be ruthless with my cookbooks and get rid of those that aren’t favorites but it’s so hard! You got some great books this week! Several are on my TBR. I really want to read the Eva Gates series and I have Murder in Thrall sitting on my shelf waiting for me. It looks great. Have a fantastic week!


    1. Thanks, Katherine. I hold on to too much stuff–including cookbooks, but I’m trying to be ruthless before we end up moving things I’m not using. Some days are better than others…lol


  3. Good luck with packing for the rest of your move. Your doing awesome managing to still read and prepare for your move. Have a fantastic week.


  4. I’m interested in the Eva Gates series because she is another name of Vicki Delany, who writes one of my favorite cozy-type series, Constable Molly Smith.

    Try to relax while planning your move! Been there, done that… this is the 6th home we’ve lived in during my marriage, and it never gets easier. We’re making our very first short-trip move this summer. Moving about 40 minutes away, closer to my son’s apartment and to my daughter’s school. Now that we rent homes it’s less stress. Before we had to sell homes and always moved out of state or cross country. Good luck!


    1. That’s why I read Eva Gates, too, Rita! I just found the Molly Smith series a few weeks ago and then found she wrote under the Gates name as well. At this point I think I like the Molly Smith series better, but I plan to read more of the Gates series, too.

      We’ve moved multiple times, too. And you’re right, it doesn’t get easier. We still have to sell our house here so I hear you about it being easier if you’re renting.


  5. Murder in the Thrall looks good. Moving is so stressful. We have been here 10 years and would like to move to Florida in a few years, so I am encouraging my husband to clean things out, discard and donate! Have a wonderful week!


    1. We sorted through quite a bit of stuff when we moved here three years ago, but now we’re doing more. And once we are in Iowa I plan to ask our kids what things they want so I can sell, donate and throw away even more!


  6. Busy busy… moving is always so involved, but will be nice when you’re done. 🙂 Good luck and hope it all goes smoothly. Hopefully reading continues to give you a little break here and there… 🙂


  7. I was doing some spring cleaning and found a bunch of cookbooks in a cupboard. Needless to say, I spent hours going through them. LOL Sounds like you are getting closer to your move and are well organized.


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