Sunday Post: Feb 21

Sunday-PostThis is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading.

Last Week–home and blog

Snow again

We had snow when we woke up Monday morning, but then it rained on Tuesday and by afternoon it was all gone like it had never been there! Some warm weather on Saturday (in the 60’s) had me looking at the yard and I found our Lenten Rose blooming. Everything else is still dormant.

The move countdown continues

We took about 10 sacks of books to the library to donate. My husband then bought a half-dozen books from the library including two titles I just packed to take with us! Oh well, it supports the library.

One of the things I found are some old Kindle e-readers I’m no longer using. Amazon is buying back used Kindles right now so I’m getting those together to send to Amazon. That feels great–sell some things I’m no longer using, get some money and I don’t have to move them.

The boxes are beginning to pile up and shelves and bookcases are emptying.

I’m adding things to the to do lists and checking off a few things!

The blog

I’m not spending as much time as I’d like writing reviews or other posts or visiting blogs.

Blog posts

My books

What I’m reading

  • Admiral by Sean Danker
  • The Musubi Murder by Frankie Bow

What I read last week

  • Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon
  • In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany
  • Valley of the Lost by Vicki Delany

New–Books, E-books, NetGalley, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library





  • None

Interesting on the internet

Next Week–home & blog

Sorting and packing continues. It already feels like forever…lol

When I take a break I read and I’ve read quite a few books so far this year.

Blog posts

  • Review: Out of the Blues by Trudy Nan Boyce
  • Review: Shards of Murder by Cheryl Hollon
  • Waiting on Wednesday: Feb 24
  • Review: Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy
  • Sunday Post

What did you do last week? What books did you collect? What are you planning?