Twisted Threads by Lea Wait

twisted-threads-by-lea-waitTwisted Threads by Lea Wait
Series: Mainely Needlepoint #1
Genre: Mystery (cozy)
Setting: Harbor Haven, Maine
Published by Kensington, 2015
E-book, purchased
320 pages
Grade: B+
Synopsis: Returning to the quaint coastal town of Harbor Haven, Maine—a place she once called home—Angie Curtis finds her memories aren’t all quite pleasant ones…

After leaving a decade ago, Angie has been called back to Harbor Haven by her grandmother, Charlotte, who raised her following her mother’s disappearance when she was a child. Her mother has been found, and now the question of her whereabouts has sadly become the mystery of her murder.

The bright spot in Angie’s homecoming is reuniting with Charlotte, who has started her own needlepointing business with a group called Mainely Needlepointers. But when a shady business associate of the stitchers dies suddenly under suspicious circumstances, Charlotte and Angie become suspects. As Angie starts to weave together clues, she discovers that this new murder may have ties to her own mother’s cold case…  

I may have been away for a while, but I hadn’t forgotten how much people in Haven Harbor depended on their second or third jobs–their crafts or jams or Christmas wreaths in December or blueberry sales in July–to get through the year.


He was not only married, but he was a father. Why did he have to be so darn good looking? Probably honest and trustworthy, too. What people always say about all the good men being taken . . .

Initial impressions

  • The Maine coastal setting and the characters make this mystery a winner. A good beginning to a new series.

The story

  • Angie Curtis comes home for a funeral because her mother who disappeared when she was 10 years old was finally found.
  • Angie left Harbor Haven after she graduated from high school and hasn’t been back home since.
  • Her mother was murdered and she wants to find out why. When another person is murdered Angie wants to figure it all out. Are the two murders related?
  • Angie also discovers her Grandmother needs help with a home business–Mainely Needlepoint–she started.


  • I love the embroidery and needlepoint quotes at the beginning of each chapter. They are often from samplers and so interesting.
  • I always love a Maine setting! Maine described: both the beauty and the difficulty of making a living in a small tourist town.
  • I like the business aspects of Mainely Needlepoint. It’s interesting to discover how Angie’s grandmother was able to grow the business, her mistakes and how Angie helps. And it’s all important to the plot.
  • The book is written in first person so we just know Angie’s point-of-view, but I like Angie and her internal thoughts are candid and often funny.
  • I like that Angie (known as “Angel” to her grandmother) is able to find the agent who worked with her grandmother’s needlepoint business through the things she learned working for a private investigator in Arizona.
  • Angie is a survivor. Her mom was a single mom, she never knew who her father was and people in town gossiped about her mom and other kids called Angie names especially after her mom disappeared. Angie’s Gram was the solid foundation in her life. It’s hard for Angie to come back to Harbor Haven, but she ends up glad that she did.
  • Angie’s Gram is a great character! She has changed some since Angie was growing up and living with her grandmother. Gram now has a cat, a boyfriend and drinks wine sometimes!


  • This is a little darker and edgier than some cozys. That didn’t bother me, but it’s possible it will bother other readers.

And concluding thoughts . . .

  •  I’ve already read the second book in this series. I really like the characters and the stories. The third book in the series was published just last month.

Have you read this book? How did you like it?

Author info

  • Lea Wait: Maine author, historian and antique dealer Lea Wait writes the seven-book Agatha-finalist Shadows Antique Print Mystery series and the Mainely Needlepoint series, which debuted in January, 2015. She also writes historical novels for ages 8 and up set in nineteenth century Maine.

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