Do people in your real life know you blog?


Beyond the Books is a weekly meme hosted at Kissin’BlueKaren. Beyond the Books is a weekly meme of mostly non-bookish topics. Share the link to your blog post at her site and we all have fun learning about each other. For more information and future topics.

I’ve decided to do the Beyond the Books meme sometimes, because I like finding out more about other bloggers. It’s fun to share a few non-bookish things about ourselves.

This week’s topic: Do people in your real life know you blog?

My immediate family and a few other people know I blog. My daughters read my blog sometimes and sometimes I ask my husband’s opinion on how something sounds or looks. One of my daughters even reviewed a book on my blog a couple of years ago and I hoped she would do more, but she’s too busy right now. My son knows I blog, but I don’t know if he has ever read any of my posts.

Most of my friends and family don’t read very much. If they do read they don’t read the same kinds of books I read. That’s one reason I blog–to talk to other people who love the same kinds of books I read. However, one of my daughters did read some of my blog posts last week and left some comments which is kind of funny since she didn’t know I was writing this post!

I’m always hesitant to mention to people that I have a blog and the few times I have they haven’t been very interested…lol. Especially when they hear I like to read science fiction, fantasy and mysteries.

Do your family or friends know you blog? Do they read your blog?

Author: Jan

I love to read--especially mysteries, science fiction and fantasy. I also love blogging, photography, gardening, playing Mah Jonng, reading with a cat on my lap, throwing a ball for a dog, creating cards to send to family and friends, reading book blogs, using my computer.

6 thoughts on “Do people in your real life know you blog?”

  1. I think a lot of us can relate to that. It’s funny, as much as science fiction and the like have gotten more accepted in the mainstream, there still appears to be a niche audience to many people. I know people in my family who are readers but as far as science fiction or fantasy, I don’t really know anybody other than a few friends. So talking about a science fiction blog at a family gathering or with acquaintances… doesn’t really happen. 🙂

    It’s funny too that as a blogger I see lots of recs for books I wouldn’t read but I know someone who might like it- and I always wonder should I recommend the book or not? I don’t want to be pushy, and what if they don’t like it? LOL. But I see so many books now of genres I never was aware of before…


    1. I agree, Greg. Many people don’t seem to know science fiction exists. My brother reads science fiction, but I don’t think he’s reading a lot of fiction these days. When I mention a book or author he doesn’t seem too interested.

      And it is hard to recommend books to others. I worry about whether they’ll like the book, too.


  2. I’m definitely similar in how I tell people. It’s not a big secret but I’m not really public either. I only know one other person IRL who reads romance and she’s a blogger as well!


    1. It’s great you know someone IRL who is a romance reader and a blogger! When I read more romance I knew a number of people who read romance, but invariably they would call the books they read “trashy.” I think that’s too bad. Just like any genre there are really good romance authors and some not so good, but I think we should feel good about the books we read.


  3. It’s funny b/c I can relate to your words. My husband and my children -and one cousin of mine- are the only ones that know I have a blog, but they don’t read it. Neither my friends nor any of my acquaintances -or even my Mom- know about my blog. They don’t like the kind of books I read, so I don’t see the point. That’s why I have a blog, to talk about some of the books I like and nobody else reads around me.


    1. That’s one of the reasons I blog, too. It really is nice to know other people read and like the books I read and like. And it’s so great to find other books and authors I wouldn’t find out about otherwise. And that’s always wonderful.


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