My ten favorite new-to-me authors

Top-Ten-TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme I take part in when I can think up answers! It’s a great meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish blog. Every week they suggest a new book-related topic. It’s not only fun to think about my list, but to read what other people come up with!

This week I’m talking about my favorite authors I read for the first time this year. I’ve listed the books I read by these authors and in some cases I read more than one book by the author.

Science Fiction

Andy Weir

  • The Martian
  • I loved the ingenuity the main character shows when he’s stranded on Mars. And from what I’ve read about the book Mr. Weir did an excellent job creating realistic scenarios on Mars.

Ernest Cline

  • Ready Player One
  • Armada
  • Video games are an integral part of both books, but Mr. Cline writes two very different books.

Becky Chambers

  • The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (not reviewed yet)
  • Most of the action takes place on a space ship with a crew of humans and assorted aliens. Becky Chambers does a great job with the interactions between the crew and others they meet during their journey.

Elizabeth Bear

  • Karen Memory (steampunk)
  • Elizabeth Bear writes such a good story set in a frontier steampunk Seattle and in a brothel.


Naomi Novik

  • Uprooted
  • A stand-alone fantasy inspired by the Polish folk tales Ms. Novik grew up listening to.

Ari Marmell

  • Hot Lead, Cold Iron (urban fantasy)
  • This urban fantasy is set in 1930’s Chicago with the main character a Fae PI working in human Chicago. I love how the author uses slang from the 30’s.


Louise Penny

Julie Mulhern

  • The Deep End (historical mystery)
  • Guaranteed to Bleed (historical mystery)
  • These historical mysteries have the flavor of the early 1970’s and the author has created memorable characters.

Ann Cleeves

  • Raven Black (police procedural)
  • Takes place in the Shetland Islands off the coast of Scotland. I like how the author really infuses the cold and loneliness of winter in the Shetlands as well as the loneliness and isolation of so many of the characters.

Women’s Fiction

Jill Mansell

Who are your favorite new authors?

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12 thoughts on “My ten favorite new-to-me authors”

  1. Great list and I like that you broke it up into categories. I love Julie Mulhern and Louise Penny and Ann Cleeves are both on my TBR. Their books look fascinating. I’m intrigued by the Naomi Novak. I like fairy tale/folk tale retellings and I know very little about Polish stories.


  2. Love your festive banner 😀

    Also, great list! I’ve recently read the ones listed under Ernest Cline, Becky Chambers, and Naomi Novik, too – all such awesome reads, I’m so grateful for these authors. Elizabeth Bear and Andy Weir are next on my list of authors to explore…especially if I don’t want to be spoiled by discussions about the Martian film 😛


    1. Thanks, Sharry. I’ve challenged myself to do a new banner each month–something which still is true to my blog, but is fun and shows the season. We’ll see how that goes!

      That’s why I finally read The Martian. The movie had come out and I didn’t want to hear too much about that before I finished the book.

      So glad you liked Cline, Chambers and Novik, too. Such good books!


  3. Great list! Excited to see a lot of authors I love on this list, Naomi Novik, Ari Marmell, Ernest Cline…I also read Elizabeth Bear for the first time this year (Karen Memory as well!) and she made my list. 🙂


    1. I think I may have seen your review of Karen Memory and picked up the book because of that! I really need to read some more of her books.


  4. Great list! Naomi Novik and Andy Weir are on my Top Ten as well! The Martian and Uprooted are some of my favourite books this year! Can’t wait read more books by them!


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