12 Sci-Fi authors & a brother I’m thankful for

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my brother in Costa Rica (beside an iguana!)

sci-fi-month-badgeThis week I’m talking about the science fiction authors I’m thankful for. I love science fiction because it so often deals with all kinds of new ideas–all kinds of science, new kinds of people, social taboos.

I’ve read sci-fi for almost as long as I remember reading–probably since I was 10 or 11. My older brother was a big influence on my reading since he read lots of science fiction. So my brother is the number one person I’m thankful for since he introduced me to sci-fi!

The authors who started my love for sci-fi

Robert A. Heinleinrocket-ship-galileo

  • He’s one of the first sci-fi authors I remember reading. I loved the books often called his juveniles. Books such as Rocket Ship Galileo, Starman Jones and Tunnel in the Sky were instrumental in my love for science fiction and space opera. Podkayne of Mars (sometimes classified in with his juveniles) is of my favorites. When I was an older teen I read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and Stranger in a Strange Land as well as many others. I introduced my kids to his books, too!

Edgar Rice Burroughs

  • I remember my brother reading some of Burroughs’ books so I had to read them, too. I remember A Princess of Mars, some of the Venus series, The Moon Maid  and some of the Tarzan series.

Andre Nortonsargasso-of-space

  • I read so many of her books when I was a teenager. I didn’t know until years later that she was a woman. (That makes me especially glad I read her books.) I especially remember The Solar Queen series: especially Sargasso of Space and The Mark of the Cat; The Beast Master, Moon of Three Rings and the Janus series.
  • I love how she wrote about animals who were partners to humans and also about Native Americans.

Anne McCaffrey

  • I read the Pern books about dragons and their riders and loved them.
  • I love the connection between the dragons and their riders.

Then I started reading . . .

Tanya Huff

  • Ms. Huff has only written one science fiction series: the Confederation series featuring Torin Kerr. And it’s one of my favorites.

Lois McMaster Bujold

  • I love her Miles Vorkosigian series. He’s such a unique individual.

Elizabeth Moon

  • She’s written several of my favorite sci-fi series: The Serrano Legacy series and  Vatta’s War series. They are excellent military sci-fi.

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

  • This husband and wife team write space opera and I’ve been reading their books for years. I’m so glad they’re still writing books taking place in the Liaden Universe.the-postman

David Brin

  • He wrote The Postman in 1985–one of my favorite post apocalyptic books.
  • He also wrote a series called The Uplift Saga I love and lots of stand-alone books.

And since I started my blog . . .

John Scalzi

  • I’ve read six of his books in the last two years and love all of them.

Andrea K. Höst

  • Her Touchstone series is one of my favorite sci-fi series.

Ernest Cline

  • I’ve read his two books this year and thought both were really good.

What or who are you thankful for?

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2 thoughts on “12 Sci-Fi authors & a brother I’m thankful for”

  1. I don’t remember when I started reading science-fiction, but some of the first authors I ever encountered that impressed me were Monica Hughes, Anne McCaffrey, Tanith Lee, Sharon Shinn. Later on, I discovered Orson Scott Card, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, and Asimov. I read a whole lot more sci-fi, now, and I’m enjoying it so much!


    1. I love Sharon Shinn. She should have been on my list, Sharry, but I haven’t read any of her books recently so I forgot. I haven’t read Monica Hughes and I own a couple Tanith Lee books so I’ll have to read some of those.

      I got away from sci-fi for awhile, but am reading more of it now and loving it. (And I love how you title your Read Along! I didn’t get the questions this week and it’s been so busy I didn’t have time anyway.) 😦


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