Blog redesigns

notes from a readerholicI spent much of September thinking about my blog and how I want to update it. I tried out a new header during September. I wasn’t completely satisfied with it, but worked on refining my ideas.


I put up a new header on October 1. My idea is to have a new header each month during the year. I like to try new things so I hope having a new header each month will keep me happy. My plan is to keep certain elements in each header, but change other things in each header.

Some of the things I’ve decided while I pondered how I want the blog to look:

  • I love color!
  • I like to change things
  • I like simple, bold graphic images
  • Since I wear glasses that’s going one of my blog identifiers


I was using a font that looked somewhat like handwriting for my header and heading. My idea was that helped carry through the “Notes” in my blog name, but I’ve gotten tired of it. I tried out another handwriting type of font, but have decided for now to use a very bold font for the header and headers.

Useful websites

I used a couple of websites to help me with the colors and graphics: Canva and Adobe color wheel. Both of these are great sites.

Test site?

I’ve tried to create a test site, but am still having trouble with that. I’d really like to test changes before they go “live.” I’ve found a site that explains how to create a test site, but the directions haven’t worked for me. Have any of you created your own test site? Can you share how you’ve done it?

And . . .

I will continue tweaking things some (I’m using the Nose Graze Tweak Me theme, after all!) I want to continue to refine my designs.

I still need to redesign my social media and I want to do more with social media.

Please let me know what you think. Let me know what you like and don’t like.