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The Sunday Post is a meme hosted by Kimba at Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

I like this meme because it gives me an opportunity to take a look back at last week and forward to next week in both my personal life and my blog and book life! I also like to see what other people are doing and what books everyone is reading. This is a great meme to take part in every week and I thank Kimba for hosting it!

Last Week

Home & blog

Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. Usually considered the last weekend of summer. We’ve certainly had summer weather–in the 90’s–this week. Still no rain, but plenty of humidity. We have a three day weekend with Monday off so that’s great.

Our friend has been here all this week and it has been great to catch up with her on all the things that have happened with us through the years since we last saw each other (about 10 years). We went into Washington, DC on Saturday to  go to lunch at a German restaurant and dinner at a Spanish tapas restaurant and see a Shakespeare play–A Midsummer Night’s Dream–in between lunch and dinner. The play was wonderful and was free on Saturday. We drove around DC to view monuments and stopped a few times to walk through some. We didn’t get home until late, but it was a fun day. Our friend leaves on Tuesday so we have a few more days to stuff in activities!

Since we have a visitor I didn’t do much reading or blogging, but that’s okay. And I got posts done ahead so that’s great.

Blog posts


What I’m reading

Earth Flight by Janet Edwards

The Firebird by Susanna Kearsley (audiobook)

Tilt-A-Whirl by Chris Grabenstein (audiobook)

What I read last week

Nothing finished

New–Books, E-books, NetGalley, Audiobooks–purchased or free or from library



Library books

Second Street Station by Lawrence H. Levy


A Red-Rose Chain by Seanan McGuire

Only a Kiss by Mary Balogh


Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by M. C. Beaton

Certainty by Victor Bevine

Next Week

Home & blog

I’m hoping for cooler weather. Also I need to work on cards–lots of birthdays this month and next. And I have lots of books I want to read plus some posts to write!

Blog Posts

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  • Review: Earth Flight by Janet Edwards
  • Review: The Last Colony by John Scalzi
  • Sunday Post

What did you do last week? What books did you collect? What are you planning?

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16 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Sep 6”

  1. We’ve been hot too, although we did get rain. It’s been a mixed week! Hope you cool down and enjoy Labor day. The new Raybourn book looks good and has caught my eye a few times


    1. We’ve gotten a little cooler for the weekend and then it heats up again during the week. Oh, well! The Raybourn book is good and quite quick to read which I liked.


  2. Spätzle, I think the whole world knows about their existence except me ! I’ve only discovered them a few years ago, when I met my boyfriend who was born in the East of France, near Germany. 10 years of catching up, that must have been something 🙂 Enjoy your sunday !


    1. I took German in high school and went with my high school class to Germany where I tried Spätzle for the first time. Loved it and have been eating it every chance I get since then!


  3. We’ve had this seriously oppressive heat that I will be perfectly happy to say good bye to! Plus, I’m starting to get tired of summer clothes. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your friend. A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of my favorite plays and I love the ceiling of the restaurant. I have Second Street Station and it looks really good and I’m very curious about the Mary Balogh. I’m so behind on that series! Have a great week!


  4. It has indeed been hot. I’m hoping for cooler temperatures soon, but the weather forecast isn’t encouraging.

    What fun you and your friend had! Midsummer is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. My high school studied and performed it, and I’ve loved it ever since. So much wit and humor!

    How are you enjoying The Firebird? And I look forward to your thoughts on the newest Mary Balogh, too.

    Have a great week!


    1. Thanks! Yes, I know the forecast isn’t sounding much better, Lark. Midsummer was so well done. Quite different from ones I’ve seen in the past. So much fun to watch.

      I’m enjoying Firebird a lot. Just haven’t had time to listen to it. I hope after my friend leaves on Tuesday to finally finish it!


  5. Looks like you had a great time in DC! Lunch, a play, and a dinner… nice!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your friend’s visit and have good weather. We are thankfully having cool enough weather to leave the windows open in the mornings before cranking on the A/C for the day. Enjoy!


    1. I’m so looking forward to finally be able to leave windows open. It will still be a little while before that happens here though.

      We had so much fun in DC, Rita. Traffic was terrible, but we drove around anyway and had fun seeing all the monuments.


  6. You sure look like you had fun in DC! Good for you. It’s in the 90s here too and no sign of cooler weather except my Pecan trees are getting heavy with pecans and losing their leaves. I’m in no rush for winter! Lots of new lovelies this week too. Enjoy and have a great holiday!


    1. Thanks, Laura. I envy you having pecan trees! I love pecans.

      I hate to mention that I love winter…lol. Actually I love the change of seasons. As each come along I get happy to have a different season and different weather! Have a great week (and I hope it doesn’t get too cold for you too quickly).


  7. Well done on planning ahead with your blogging. It’s kinda nice to put friends and family ahead of it all sometimes though. I did that when away recently and realised I didn’t feel at all guilty!



    1. Thanks, Deb! And I agree–friends and family have to come before blogging. Though I miss my blogging friends and activities, too, when I do that.


  8. The weather for Labour Day weekend is usually pretty cool in Canada, but it has been scorching here too. I absolutely love live theatre so I’m happy to hear that the play was well done! The Toby Daye books are flying out so quickly, I need to catch up soon.


    1. A couple years ago we had season tickets to a couple of theaters in Washington, DC and we loved that, but we decided it was too expensive to do again we try to go when we see a play we really want to see.

      I’m two books behind now in the Toby Daye series so I want to catch up soon!


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